Bear Claw Lodge - Canada

Best Luxury Lodge 2020 - Northwest BC
Get away: Recharge, reconnect, or find something for the first time. To a place where you leave the normalcy of traffic, early meetings, and last-minute dinners behind. A place where the norm isn’t so normal after all. A place where comfort is key and alarm clocks are optional. A place that shares a front yard with bears, moose, deer, and the like. Where you can take a horseback ride to a cabin on top of a mountain. Where you can snorkel in face deep powder or the crystal-clear river. Where you can hike through the scents and flurries of the cottonwood trees. With gourmet meals made with ingredients picked right out the back door. With fireside chats filled with laughter, stories, and the occasional cocktail-induced dare. A place where joy is measured by the number of fish caught or books read. A place run by a family where everyone feels like family. A place where smiles aren’t in short supply and the uncommon is commonplace. And that’s a very good thing. A place far from ordinary. website: www.bearclawlodge.ca Contact: hello@bearclawlodge.ca