Bombons Cudie SA - Spain

Best Handmade Gluten-Free Almond Confectioner Company
Best Chocolate Covered Almond Confectionery: Cudié’s GREEN LEMON CATÀNIES®
Bombons Cudié is a family business located near Barcelona. Our exquisite traditional pralines, combined with delicate recipes of dried fruits and nuts, have been passed down through three generations since 1946. The core business comes from our Catànies®, our awarded and popular praliné, which is a signature of Catalan gastronomy. An irresistible, Marcona almond, covered with an exquisite white praline with a handcrafted combination of nuts and chocolate, before a final coating of the finest powder cocoa and up to 5 different flavours and packaging combinations. We produce our own and secret chocolate to coat the Catànies® since we are committed to best quality raw materials to provide the best finished products. After 70 years, We have been grown a lot, exporting to over 30 countries but still holding the best kept secret in Barcelona. Our recipe.