Cork & Fork Fine Wine Merchants - the USA

Best Premium Wine Retailer - Washington D.C.
Cork & Fork is founded by Dominique Landragin, sixth-generation winemaker from Champagne, France. Today, his daughter, Antoinette Landragin, certified wine educator and judge, owns and runs the business. Cork & Fork stays true to the purity of the fruit in the bottle, the transposition of the expression of terroir through the winemaker’s translation, and the sustainability of the industry, both socially and environmentally. Always coupling wine quality is the requirement for each producer carried by Cork & Fork to have positive social and environmental impacts. Each winery is researched, and each wine closely analyzed before being stocked. Website: www.corkandfork.co Instagram: www.instagram.com/corkandforkdc Contact: Cork & Fork 1522 14th St NW DC 20005 Tel: 202.588.5766 Email: info@corkandfork.co