Cosmetic Dermatology Centre - South Africa

Best Holistic Dermatology Practice 2020 - Western Cape
At Cape Town Cosmetic Dermatology Centre we combine laser and cosmetic dermatology by using the latest technology available. Our holistic approach to skin health means our highly trained therapists work hand in hand with our expert Dermatologists. We follow global developments in Laser and Aesthetics which keeps us in the forefront of Medical Aesthetics. We pride ourselves in our personal approach to client care and patient education. We believe beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and enhancing your natural beauty is our ultimate goal website/email links you’d like to provide. www.capederm.co.za Follow us on Instagram: cosmetic_dermatology_centre Facebook: Cosmetic Dermatology Centre Contact details: team@capederm.co.za / 021 552 7220 South Africa