Divasflairboutique LLC - the USA

Best One-Stop Cosmetics & Fragrance Provider - USA
Expanding its Skincare Products This Spring, Divasflairboutique, LLC, a US Company, sold out its Best-Selling skincare Lotions. As people are staying home, many are finding ways to shop online. “Being able to ship lotions and soaps fast to my customers is one of the proudest moments,”:said Mokshada Quillen, Director of the Company. It was mid-August 2019 that it grew its inventory of more than 10,000 Designer Fragrances and Skincare. We are proud that Divasflairboutique,LLC, has been awarded “Best One-Stop Cosmetics and Fragrances provider-USA” for 2020 Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards. Thank You, Luxlife Magazine! To find out more, visit www.divasflairboutique.com