Gillian Foster Photography - Canada

Best Fine Art Wedding Photographer - Toronto
After developing my first photograph, I discovered my love for photography in the darkroom at University. My first few years as a photographer were entirely film based. I loved the hands-on aspect of processing and printing my own images. Every correction and adjustment made was done entirely in the darkroom. Film photography introduced me to the importance of colour and light – my main sources of inspiration. Since completing my BA Studio Art I’ve continued to shoot digitally, focusing on wedding and lifestyle photography. My work has been featured on the Huffington post, Love Inc Magazine and exhibited as part of Contact Photography Festival, Queen West art crawl and Culture days. With 10 years experience capturing weddings and families, I take a fine art documentary approach to tell stories that are filled with emotion and connection. My work focuses on capturing bright and candid moments, in a thoughtful and artistic manner. As a photographer, I want to capture photographs filled with love, honesty and lasting memories. Website: www.gillianfoster.ca Instagram: www.instagram.com/gillianfosterphotography Facebook: www.facebook.com/gillianfosterphotography