Hargol FoodTech - Israel

Best Natural Protein Alternative Producer 2020

Hargol deliver an alternative protein: Healthier for humans, healthier for the environment, safer and more efficient to produce.

The company is the world’s leader in grasshoppers’ protein production.

Hargol’s technology enable year-round production of high and constant quality protein.

The company offer:

1. Whole grasshoppers in existing grasshopper markets around the globe where over 1 billion people consider them as a delicacy.

2. A nutrient rich ingredient to food and beverage producers, including over 70% protein, omega-3 omega-6, omega-9, iron, zinc, folic acid, calcium and vitamins.

Hargol’s website: http://www.hargol.com/

Contact information: [email protected], +972-52-8907856