Historic Barns of Nipmoose - the USA

Country Wedding Venue of the Year 2020 - New York
Perched on a knoll overlooking a stunning landscape of farmland and woods, the Historic Barns of Nipmoose provide an idyllic setting for rustic chic wedding receptions and ceremonies. The fully restored Scottish Barn, German Barn and Corn Crib are superb examples of America’s rich agricultural heritage. The three barns, all of which are included in a single wedding event, are nestled within an expansive courtyard and surrounded by several gardens, a pond and an aspen grove (where ceremonies can be held). Couples will be excited by the many options and amenities which are available when planning a wedding at Nipmoose. https://nipmoosebarns.org/ Email: historic@nipmoosebarns.org www.instagram.com/nipmoosebarns/ www.facebook.com/nipmoosebarns www.pinterest.com/nipmoosebarns/