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Best Bespoke Fine & Vintage Wedding Jeweller - England
instagram @krausz_jewellery twitter @krauszjewellery facebook @krauszjewellery It was lovely to win the award Best Bespoke Fine & Vintage Wedding Jeweller - England and hope dispite what is going on in the world the Global wedding awards in May is still going ahead. Below is the 100 words hope this is ok, let me know if you need anything else Stunning bespoke fine jewellery starts with your idea, which I can turn into reality. House style is contemporary with a touch of vintage. Commission a unique diamond engagement ring, or a timeless piece of jewellery. I’ll work with you throughout the process, which is an enjoyable experience from design development, drawings or models to collecting your beautifully finished and packaged bespoke jewellery. Vintage jewellery is my passion, I love to create one of a kind headbands using only the most exquisite original materials from 1930-1960s. Bringing a touch of glamour to a contemporary wedding, party or special occasion https://www.krauszjewellery.co.uk/ https://www.instagram.com/krausz_jewellery/