LA Skincare UK Ltd - the United Kingdom

Most Innoative Skincare Company - UK & Best Skin Exfoliant Product: Sweetie Sugar-the United Kingdom LA Skincare UK Ltd-Louisa Ashforth LA Skincare has been in massive demand from the minute we started to sell our products to our customers.  From the beginnings of 'I have heard your products are amazing - would they work for me?' to now being shipped all over the UK and beyond, ending the nightmare of acne, for some to menopausal 'oil slick face' for others. The results are staggering.  It seems that using different treatment combinations each day for your skin is required, rather than 'one cream fits all, every day'.  Every product has a different job with unique and bespoke ingredients - all part of the magic formula of the LA Skincare range 'Skincare tailored for you'.