Luca+Marta Gallizio Photography - Italy

Wedding Photographers of the Year 2020 - Northern Italy
Hello! We are Luca and Marta, we are happy that you found us! Our adventure in the marriage sector was born from a common passion, photography and unique moments. We think that wedding photography is an important thing. Something that remains forever to remember unique moments of a special day. Value over time. We believe in printing and that photography can be called such only after it has been printed. We love to look at the world through our cameras and tell it through images. OUR GOAL It's simple, tell your wedding in the best possible way. The best technologies, the best framing, without compromise. We believe that quality is the important thing and we will certainly give the best for you. We do not want to leave you simple images of your wedding but we want to deliver you state-of-the-art photographs that you transmit yourself. Our website https://www.lucagallizio.it Instagram—>https://www.instagram.com/luca_marta_gallizio/ Facebook—>https://www.facebook.com/LucaGallizioFotografoBolzano/