Murmali - the United Kingdom

Best Cork Accessories Design Company - UK
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<p>MURMALI IS AN ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBLE TOP-END CORK GOODS BRAND.</p> <p>Murmali combines traditional and classic designs with natural materials and broad colour palettes. The brand springs from the intention of creating high-end accessories, ethically handcrafted with cruelty-free, sustainable materials.</p> <p>Its evocative logo refers to a link, one of the most recognized symbols of our days. This link represents Murmali’s aim of introducing Nature into our lives through products that are made entirely of Natural materials.</p> <p>Our most important source are the cork-tree forests of the South of Spain and Portugal, from which we take cork, the material that makes all Murmali’s handbags unique. As cork fabric is created from the raw bark of the cork trees, natural patterns are preserved, making each handbag different from one another.</p>