North Shore Candle Company LLC - the USA

Best Soy Candle Manufacturers - Hawaii

NORTH SHORE CANDLE COMPANY -Our candles are made with 100% vegan soy wax set in recycled wine, sake, beer and baby bottle vessels. I use all flower and fruit natural plant based essential oil fragrances that are my own signature Hawaiian blends and all candle components are USA made. I inspect, hand select and cut each bottle that has been sourced here on the North Shore of Oahu.
Features of our candles include:

100% vegan soy wax grown & harvested in the USA.
100% pure cotton wicks,(never metal or zinc cores-yikes!) made in the USA.
hand-poured to order in small batches.
dye, zinc, phthalate & paraben free.
scented with all natural plant based essential oil fragrances that are our own signature Hawaiian blends.
eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable.
set in repurposed wine bottle vessels and travel tins that are reusable after the life of the candles as everyday glassware.
Handmade with Love + Aloha!
We offer Wholesale & Retail options on our website: or email your inquiries directly to: [email protected]