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We are NTP Healthcare a Medical, Leisure & Wellness Tourism unit of NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. India (since 1986) is an open, independent, and enthusiastic resource for patients and industry providers. We are acting as a live portal that bridges the gap between patients’ craving for developed medical assistance and their providers who would satisfy their healthcare needs in the field of medical, dental, and healthcare tourism and we have a huge global network of certified popular hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centre, medical center, insurance companies, and medical tourism providers. Our vision is to facilitate the latest medical packages offered by various partners with a common idea of promoting high-quality healthcare services to patients in a global environment In India. We provide healthcare services to individuals, families, corporate, government offices, institutions, employees, even negotiate the overall prices as per the standard industrial rates and demands of the clients. ** We are offering Telemedicine Assistance support We are the champions of medical tourism in educating foreign patients and leading them toward a peaceful holistic solution, even counsel them on several attractions and destinations in the country for patients to soother their mind and avert the seriousness of their treatment procedures. Contact Person: Ms.Pooja Mehra https://www.ntpindiatourism.com/ntphealthcare Email Id: info@ntphealthcare.com What's app no.: 00919810098099