Pecanhealth Natural Health Products - South Africa

Best Gluten-Free Foods Supplier 2020 - South Africa
Pecanhealth Gluten Free Specialists Our company is Pecanhealth Natural Health Products (Pty) Ltd and are specialists in the manufacture of Gluten Free Products. Our gluten Free range consists of ●Wraps and Pizzas, ●Nachos and crackers ●A full range of premixes. Our entire range of Wraps, Pizzas, Crackers and Nachos are ●Gluten Free ●Wheat Free ●Soy Free ●Dairy Free ●Lactose Free ●Egg Free ●Sugar Free ●Preservative and Additive free. We do a unique range of Superfood Wraps and Pizzas including Activated Charcoal, Kale & Moringa, Acai Berry & beetroot The bases are made from either Cauliflower, Marrow, Pumpkin, White Rice and Yellow Maize Our Gluten Free ranges also cater for the Banters, Vegans, Lactose intolerant & Diabetics. Contact details Email:derek@pecanhealth.co.za Cell:082 601 4063 Web:www.pecanhealth.co.za