Sarmiento Brasa Andaluza - Spain

Most Scenic Dining Experience 2019 - Malaga Province & Steakhouse of the Year 2019 - Malaga Province

The concept  Sarmiento “brasa andaluza” is based on the essential pillars of the andalusian lifestyle: authenticity, spontaneity and enjoyment of family and friend´s company when being around a table.

Our clients would be able to feel the happiness and hospitality bounded to our culture at the same time that they would enjoy the passion for the products that are offered by the land that surround us, which are carried through the heat of the ember.

The sensorial experience is completed through the harmony of a privileged natural environment, a panorama spreaded by cultural heritage and the goodness of the Southern Spanish weather.

The culinary concept of Sarmiento stands mainly  in the reinterpretation of traditional dishes of the Andalusian gastronomy elaborated with a total respect for the raw material.

A cuisine with the product as the main character, fresh and in the charcoal grill, ancient cooking technique, which allow us to respect it, adding some hints as more texture and moisture or the accentuation of the aromas.

As a result of the search of excellence and maximum care of the product, we would look to transform the pieces in unique pieces such as matured meats.