SILO Bar | Events | Gallery - Switzerland

Most Unique Rooftop Bar - Greater Zurich Area
LUX Culinary Excellence Award: Homemade Italian Cuisine
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<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Opened in summer 2020, the SILO Rooftop Bar, Events and Gallery is set in the middle of ahistorical industrial site in THE VALLEY in Kemptthal and covers several floors of what was the first silo built by Julius Maggi in 1935.</p> <p>The fantastic bar and event venue is made for special moments. It offers a stylish ambience for any private or business happening. With several versatile rooms and areas, this can be anything from an aperitif or a team dinner, to a rooftop birthday party or vernissage till a wedding party. Every Thursday, the SILO rooftop bar is also available to the public.</p>