Tostato Specialty Coffees - Italy

Best Specialty Coffee Shop 2019 - Lombardy
<p>Tostato Specialty Coffees is a “Caffetteria”(ita) dedicates in a culture of slow-Coffees and Specialty Coffees.</p> <p>A Coffee shop based in Brescia who Spread and serve a pure and true Culture of Coffee in all his faces and extractions.</p> <p>More than 9 differents Brew methods, a daily selection of 5 single origins and Blended Coffees; fresh baked Products are daily served.</p> <p>A dynamic Space where Design an Food are combined Togheter to Allow customers to Live his Space in relations of how much time has in their Coffee-Break, Brunch-Break and Lunch Break.</p> <p>Different seats and Spot will defenetly synchronize with your needs with Tostato.</p> <p>Have A good Coffee</p> <p>#Stopbadcoffee</p>