Ultralux - the Republic of Ireland

Best Laser Skin Treatments Clinic 2020 - Republic of Ireland
Ultralux offers cutting edge technology with expert knowledge. Treatments are carried out in a relaxed, discreet environment. The Clinic specialises in a range of treatments including Laser & IPL, advanced skin treatments like HIFU, microneedling, scalp micropigmentation, microblading, dermal fillers, chemical peels , fractional radiofrequency and many more. We are passionate about aesthetic and beauty, expertise is in the expert application of rejuvenation tools to create a natural and “untouched” look. With a mission to offer every client the best possible results, Ultralux focuses on each clients individual needs through uniquely tailored treatments. Whether you have a skin condition or concern or are just searching for the best possible you, Ultralux team have the perfect treatments for you. Fb - Ultralux- Advance Aesthetic Clinic & training. Instagram- Ultralux Website- http//ultralux.ie