uRequest Live - Canada

Most Innovative Wedding Entertainment - Ontario
uRequest Live is changing the way audiences consume and interact with music at live events creating a fully immersive and interactive experience. uRequest Live is a world-class ten-piece band that allows attendees to curate their playlist at live events using touchscreen "jukeboxes" and/or their smartphones even allowing event organizers to use their "event apps" to send a push notification to all attendees to participate in making requests for the band. Participants can leave their name and even a message for the band allowing them to interact with the audience in a way never before possible and they always play the audience's most requested songs in priority. Add in immersive video content including music videos synced to the band's performance to give a fully immersive one of a kind live music experience unlike any other in the world Website: http://www.urequest.live Email: arthurk@fusion-events.ca