Virun - the USA

Best Finished Product Dietary Supplement Biotech Company 2020
VIRUN’s is one of the only Biotechnology companies providing research development as finished product manufacturing for the dietary supplement and food/beverage industries. Our focus is developing solutions, with regards to stability, flavor and uniqueness for non-polar (water insoluble) ingredients, volatile proteins and probiotic organisms. We have three segments of business: bulk manufacturing for non-polar liquid emulsions and nano/micro-encapsulated powders, Research and Development of novel finished product co-packing/manufacturing. We produce liquid emulsions and nano/micro-encapsulated powders in the form of liposomal, micellular or modified micelle/liposomes. Liposomes improve the oral bioavailability of non-polar compounds, such as CoQ10, Curcumin, DHA Omega 3, CBD, Quercetin, Lycopene, Beta Carotene, Lutein, Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. We formulate the above products and offer formats such as liquid, powder pouches, tubs, shots, beverages and multi-servings in addition to bulk intermediates to further process at a third-party co-packer. In either case, we provide solutions utilizing science and clean label techniques. We have three companies: VIRUN, O3Omega and NURIV. Over 60% of our business is white labelling and contract co-packing. www.virun.com www.nuriv.com www.o3smoothies.com innovate.today@virun.com