Zusto UK - the United Kingdom

Sugar Replacement Innovators of the Year - Europe
Zùsto is a unique and innovative sugar substitute which is made from naturally derived substances, namely dietary fibres of corn and chicory and these fibres deliver the sweet taste and structure of traditional sugar meaning Zùsto has the real sugar taste! Zùsto offers a number of health benefits, it contains 75% less calories than sugar and is suitable for diabetics with a low glycaemic index (22). As well as naturally lowering blood sugars, the fibres in Zùsto also have significant prebiotic effects. Zùsto can replace sugar on a 1 to 1 weight basis so this means that the structure texture and taste of the original product do not alter, there is no strange aftertaste sensation. As well as commercial use, Zùsto can be used in everyday applications including bakery, biscuits, desserts, tea and coffee and so on. For more information visit: www.zusto.co.uk - hello@ zusto.co.uk - for UK enquiries www.zusto.com - info@zusto.com - for global enquires