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Winter is here.

All over the world there are signs of its presence – whether you’re currently hunkered down and bracing against a cold chill or gazing out of the window at the grey skies and ever-present rainfall. Of course, for our neighbours in the southern hemisphere, winter means heat, warmth and humidity (I’m slightly envious).

Winter also spells the dawn of a new year. Isn’t it astonishing how fast it comes around? It wasn’t so long ago that I was sat at my desk writing about spring. So, this issue, as we collectively ponder the new decade ahead of all of us, LUXlife takes a moment to look at some truly exceptional establishments and ask them, “how do you plan to herald in the next ten years”?

For many, the next ten years will represent merely a continuation of the previous decade. Far from being a bad thing, the years to come are about improving in small ways. There’s no dramatic rebranding efforts or recruitment drives here, just the knowledge that their clients will remain delighted with their offerings for the foreseeable future. It’s the sort of mentality that our cover inclusion has worked hard to forge and perfect.

Mar Silver, a Connecticut-based interior designer and firm, has seemingly perfected a sense of style that is uniquely timeless and sophisticated: it delights in apparent simplicity, utilising greys, whites and blacks to astonishing effect. We spoke to Mar to find out more about her inspirations and design choices.

Plus, there’s so much more inside as we endeavour to profile some of the top-tier businesses and individuals who are shaping the global luxury landscape.

See you in 2020.