Welcome to the 2021 Winter Issue of LUXlife Magazine

The leaves have fallen and are now returning to the earth. We are really seeing a difference in the weather as magic energy sweeps across the globe. Christmas time is almost upon us, and we are looking forward to all that the end of the year brings us.

In this issue, we want to let you in on a few mysteries as we reveal some of the best healthcare, homecare, and enjoyable encounters. From eco-friendly, sustainable, and futureproof businesses to innovative concepts and artistic twists in the industry, this issue of LUXlife is loaded with incredible opportunities to learn. Here we discover some show-stopping staples across a number of industries that all make for more enjoyable experiences, no matter your requirements.

For all of your skincare needs throughout the winter months, Transderma has something that will keep you hydrated, bright, and feeling your best. Not only are we offering the chance to look at some glorious skincare, but we are presenting an assortment of businesses that all promote that inner to outer glow.

Here we would like to continue holding space for readers as we approach such a beautiful time of year. Perhaps this issue could inspire some fabulous Christmas gifts, too.

As we wrap up, it is important to add that we wish you a very happy end to the year as we invite you to peruse this issue of LUXlife Magazine at your leisure.