Hello and welcome to the Winter 2022 issue of LUXlife!

This November, we are proud to present you with a plethora of luxury businesses that are laser focused on being the best in their industries.

We are truly pleased to showcase the companies featured in this issue as we believe that they are altering the realm of sophistication, luxury, and perfectly balanced opulence.

Our cover, Tru-Diamonds™, is a shimmering example of indulgence. Offering premium jewellery, Tru-Diamonds™ gives us the chance to own something that will stand the test of time. It produces timeless jewellery that bursts with splendour and lavish style, making for the perfect gift this winter – and beyond. Winning Most Innovative Alternative Jewellery Brand 2022, we are proud to present Tru-Diamonds™ to you.

As the year comes to a close, it is important to reminisce the seasons that have gone by and here is a reminder that we can experience luxury and comfort throughout the winter. This magnificence is in the gifts we give to our loved ones, such as signet rings, high quality sheepskin and leather, sumptuous skincare, and much more, we can give the gift of extravagance – even if we can’t travel to distant destinations, there is something for everyone to enjoy. And when our adventures resume, there are plenty of places we can visit that will offer us a chance to form memories that will last a lifetime.

Here at LUXlife we hope you enjoy this issue and we wish you a very happy end to the year.