Would You Like an Upgrade? Luxury Perks and iGaming Sites

If you were to book the Empathy Suite in the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas – widely regarded as the world’s most expensive hotel room – you expect certain perks to come with that purchase. After all, the Damien Hirst-designed room comes in at a hefty $100,000 per night. In fact, the room is usually reserved for high roller poker players, who will receive $10,000 in resort credit as part of a two-night stay package. That $10,000 is probably loose change to anyone who can afford such a suite, but there are lots of other perks thrown in, such as a personal butler, to sweeten the deal.

The perk culture in the world’s casino playgrounds like Macau and Las Vegas is almost legendary, of course. Indeed, even those who aren’t endowed with a fortune can blag their way to an upgraded suite or free lunch by demonstrating a willingness to play on the casino floor. But what about online gaming sites, which have become a multi-billion-pound arm of the gaming industry? What are the perks like? Can you really have a luxury experience online?

Spending Opens Many Doors

The short answer is that similar rules apply: You must demonstrate that you are willing to spend money at a higher level than ‘ordinary folk’, and then – depending on the site – you will be given the VIP treatment. Some sites have defined rules – spend X, get Y – whereas others are more informal. Indeed, for the latter it is sometimes worth sending an email to lay out your attentions; the online equivalent of slipping a $20 to the concierge.

A top iGaming site will facilitate all levels of spending. For instance, the card and tables games found at can be played for a few pence per hand right up to high roller level. These sites look for relatively big spending, to be sure, but there is also an emphasis on loyalty and dedication, i.e. favourability would be given to those depositing with regularity rather than simply making a one-off large payment.

Amazing VIP Event Invitations

So, what’s on offer? For a start, a VIP membership at an iGaming site will almost always guarantee better terms for your play: Bigger bonuses, better promotional terms, faster withdrawals etc. There is also the personal touch that you wouldn’t necessarily expect online, including a personal account manager. At times, you can also unlock special games on the site, such as ultra-high-limit roulette tables. There are also cashback sharing arrangements – similar to rakeback in poker rooms – that can be agreed.

But, above all, there is the money-can’t-buy luxury gifts and invitations. It must be remembered that iGaming companies do have a lot of sway in the marketing world. For example, 10 of the 20 Premier League football clubs have betting and gaming companies as their primary sponsor. As such, invitations to VIP sports events are not uncommon for high rollers. Indeed, it’s also worth remembering that there is some crossover with the ownership of iGaming sites and casino resorts. In many cases, your online play can add to your profile when visiting an iGaming site, unlocking perks before you make it to the resort.

Champagne and Caviar

In the end, it comes down to this: iGaming sites have huge marketing budgets, and they are not shy about using them. Just like a visit to a real casino, you should be upfront about it if you are intending to spend plenty of money. If you do, you might just be surprised as to how many doors are opened for you.