2020 Pet Products And Services Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 11 Page 10 www.lux-review.com LUX 2020 Pet Products And Services Awards LUX 2020 Pet Products And Services Awards Creating the finest food for animals of all sorts is no small task, yet it is one that the team at Ambrosia Pet Food has risen to with feeling. As a team of pet owners looking to provide their own animals with the highest possible nutrition, it’s little wonder that they rose to the challenge of providing food that was truly worthy of being called Ambrosia. To create the food of the Gods for the dogs of today has required a great deal of care and attention, with consideration given to every factor that plays a part in the creation of these culinary masterpieces. The product line’s meat and fish protein based diets combine human grade meats and fish, fruits and vegetables that settle digestive upsets, reduce itching, scratching, shedding and hotspots. Pets love this all-natural holistic diet, with the highly nutritious combination setting them apart from the pack. To ensure the highest quality with every bite, Ambrosia Pet Food boasts grain-free kibble made from free range, grass fed proteins like buffalo, duck, chicken and turkey. Not only are these 91% – 93% digestible, the highest on the market, they are also made without the use of GMOs. Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils, full of antioxidants and hypoallergenic, it’s the pet food of choice for those looking for a truly sophisticated solution. As a small venture, committed to quality, it can be of no surprise that Ambrosia Pet Food works on a slightly smaller scale than you might think. All products are manufactured in a small mill on demand, ensuring that your prized pets get the freshest product possible. There aren’t any warehouses waiting for Since opening their doors in 2018, Adam Turner and the incredible team at GVC have helped veterinary specialists across the globe to make their next big step. For businesses, they open up a worldwide talent pool that ensures only the brightest and best are employed to look after your pets. Adam started GVC after over ten years working in the field of veterinary recruitment. In the last two years, but business has grown quickly, hosting two offices in the UK and Australia. We asked Adam what benefits this has brought his clients. “This dual office approach really allows us to work with our candidates throughout every step of their career and give them access to vacancies in every corner of the world. In its simplest form, we help veterinary professionals secure the next step their careers and match them with veterinary employers across the globe.” He adds, wryly that “Recruitment doesn’t need to be more complicated than that. Yes, there is a lot that goes into everything we do - but we try our best to keep it simple and transparent.” This back-to-basics approach has served the GVC team well in the last couple of years, and they have achieved impressive levels of success in return. As Adam goes on to elaborate, the heart of the business is not difficult to find. “We treat everyone as we would expect to be treated ourselves. We work from the ethos that if we’re saying something because we know it sounds good, or will secure us a new contract for example - then we make sure that we follow up on that promise and we all hold Ambrosia. The food of the Gods. Giver of immortality. A taste that’s truly tantalizing. For our animal friends, the choice is clear. Petouch Intl make Ambrosia Pet Food, which is the premier provider of fine cuisine for pets with a pedigree. As we tuck into the finest pet products and services on offer, it’s worth taking a moment to look more closely at what this team have to offer. A veterinary career is highly specialised, with unique demands that only experts in the field can cater to. This, of course, applies to the recruitment policies in this sector. The team at Global Veterinary Careers have a wealth of experience that has helped veterinary professionals truly realise their potential. We look more closely at the firm in the light of its success in this special issue of LUXlife. Jun20474 May20151 Petouch Intl Best Natural Pet Food Brand 2020 - Europe Global Veterinary Careers Best Veterinarian Recruitment Consultancy 2020 shipment or product stored for years to come, simply the simplest way to get the finest nutrition to cats and dogs. As a more boutique supplier, the team at Ambrosia Pet Food have built a reputation as a team who can react swiftly to the demands of the consumer. Few could argue with their incredibly rapid response times, their commitment to accurate information and their ability to solve any problems as and when they occur. Recently, the Ambrosia Pet Food team have seen more people moving towards the holistic, natural, grain-free diets that they have advocated. It’s a sure-fire way of getting pets food of the highest quality. Having earned incredible loyalty from their customers, it’s little surprise that the team are looking to new products that can reward our four-legged friends. Few would be surprised at the high stock in which the Ambrosia Pet Food team place in quality, and the steps they have made to ensure that every bite from a cat or dog goes on morsel closer to giving them the best possible product. You get what you pay for, and with Ambrosia, what you get truly lives up to the high standards that the name implies. Simply perfection. Company: Petouch Intl Contact: Spyridon Zogopoulos Web Address: www.ambrosiapetfood.com each other to account for that internally, which then ensures that we offer the best service we can.” In a business built around caring for clients and customers, this level of integrity is to be commended. At the end of the day, it means that pets will end up receiving the best possible care. Although the current global situation has created reasons for many to be more flexible, the GVC team have always prided themselves on being able to react to the needs of the pet sector. “The pet product and services market is ever evolving and growing year on year,” Adam explains. “We have to be as fluid as water to make sure our service remains current and progressive. That comes from us pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, always being open to change - as opposed to adopting the stubborn ‘we’ve always done it this way’ mantra.” This flexibility is what sets GVC apart as one of the premier providers of staff in veterinary situations. Like all businesses, Adam and his team have had to change their plans for the year, building in a new direction for success. He tells us: “We entered 2020 with such high hopes and started the year with the launch of our new office in Australia, which was the realisation of a career dream of mine and in truth was years in the making. Then we were quickly caught up in a global pandemic, which as we all know swept across the globe and ensured that the world hit the pause button, and in some cases the reset button.” Never one to quit, however, he has been able to adjust accordingly to achieve the best possible results in a challenging situation. He went on to say that “I firmly believe that the forthcoming changes will mean that we have stronger foundations in place to achieve even greater success in the future, and expand our operations to additional countries.” In all, the success of GVC is a credit to Adam’s vision of a kinder world of veterinary recruitment. Putting people first in every respect has been key to success, and he has made his business model fluid enough to accommodate a variety of changes. For Adam, he is thankful for those he has had the fortune to work with over the years, as he is keen to highlight. “I would like to thank all of our clients and candidates, on both sides of the globe, for their business. It has been a pleasure partnering with them. Also, a huge thank you to all of the GVC team members, both past and present who have all contributed to the success of the business.” Finding the best possible care for a pet is paramount, and Adam and his team ensure that they find the place where they are able to do the most good. Company: Global Veterinary Careers Contact: Adam Turner Web Address: www.gvcvets.co.uk / www.gvcvets.com.au

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