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LUXlife Magazine is a premium lifestyle publication which was founded in 2015 by the publishing company AI Global Media Ltd. Distributed to a circulation of 94,000 globally, LUXlife focuses on a range of topics within the luxury lifestyle industry, featuring articles on; fashion, beauty, fine dining, travel, luxury real estate and much more.

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We found it really easy to work with the team at AI, the process was easy to follow and the staff were helpful at every stage. The quality of their work was high from the start to the end of the process. When we announced the award on social media it was really well received and we anticipate that using the logo on the website will help us to entice new customers. Lastly, the award was great in giving our staff a huge boost in morale.

Kirsty McCulloch - Dungallan Country House

Working with AI is really straightforward, I wish more companies worked so proficiently! As a small business we’ve opted for some of the more modest marketing options, but the results have paid off in their own excellent way. We’ve used the logo and have a plaque on display, the publicity has definitely helped with getting more attention online but also in the local media - many new people are finding us as a result of the award. We definitely agree that the award is a morale booster for the team, but also beyond, within the local community. We are super appreciative that we are considered and respected.

Maurice Jonker - Almijara Residence

I must commend your team for their professionalism and guidance throughout the process. The clarity and support provided were instrumental in making the experience positive and seamless. Regarding the quality of your work, I am thoroughly impressed. The attention to detail and dedication to promoting exceptional businesses in the industry truly stands out. The publicity and visibility gained from the award have been remarkable.

Raphaelle Duplay - Pierce Me London

Thank you for sharing the wonderful news from your Awards Team. I am truly grateful and would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all the exceptional teams involved. The word that comes to mind to describe their efforts is simply "Excellent.

Ricky Chan - Citygrow Energy Systems Ltd

We found that working with the teams at AI was a seamless and good experience. The process was clear and helpful and the quality of the work was superb. We are pleased to display our Logo and Trophy within our guest reception area which helps distinguish our hotel amongst the competition. The award has strengthened our employee morale, as well as recruitment of new employees. Our award is visible evidence of our luxury brand’s position and worldwide recognition.

Maurice Minno & Jim Moje - The Hacienda at Warm Sands

I just wanted to pop you a quick email to say thank you to everyone at Luxlife. I’ve already noticed a massive improvement on my social media from being able to say I’m an award winner. At a time that I was feeling lost in business, luxlife really gave me the motivation to keep pushing forward. So thank you to everyone.

Ria Crawford - The Print Shop Gifts UK

I really enjoyed working with the team. They were very helpful, clear and simple to work with, so it was a great honour and pleasure. The quality of work was outstanding and I felt like the team nailed it, increasing my visibility and giving me invaluable help. This helped to distinguish my company a lot and customers now approach our services with different eyes! Also the award has absolutely boosted moral!

Sonia Melo - Chez Sonia

Working alongside the team at AI Global was great, they were clear and helpful at all times and we were thoroughly happy with the quality of their work. We feel that the award has provided our clients with a sense of reassurance for choosing us and it has also helped us in communicating what an important part our staff play in our customer experience.

Rocio Martinez - Casita Mia de Mita

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