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Now that Spring/Summer 2024 is rolling round, the collections for the warmer seasons are making appearances from your favourite brands, so get ready to redefine your wardrobes! This season, iconic brands like Wrangler have collaborated with STAUD to launch the exciting STAUD x Wrangler SS24 collection. The two have united to create and unveil a stunning unity between classic and contemporary chic with spring colours and fashionable cuts. On the other hand, Kipling continue to innovate with stylish, functional accessories tailored for modern life. From innovative takes on traditional fabrics to trendsetting designs, this guide offers an exclusive look into must-have pieces and emerging styles.

STAUD X Wrangler SS24

Building on the overwhelming success of their initial partnership in Fall 2023, STAUD and Wrangler, the pillars of American fashion, have unveiled their highly anticipated second denim collection for Spring 2024. This collaboration merges STAUD’s modern Americana aesthetic with Wrangler’s classic Western roots to create a unique twist on denim staples, blending modern sophistication and timeless style.

The SS24 STAUD x Wrangler collection presents a variety of new spring-ready silhouettes, materials, and colour palettes, while also refreshing the best-sellers from their previous Fall 2023 collection.

This lineup includes essential denim pieces designed to enhance daily wear and help fashion enthusiasts curate their perfect capsule wardrobe. The collection includes knit tops, dresses, and Bermuda Shorts prepared for warmer days, alongside pops of white, mid blue, and a new butter yellow hue. Also making a comeback this Spring are the popular Loose Jean and Biggest Jean jacket, now available in new colours and featuring the distinctive STAUD belt loop details.

Kipling Heritage Collection

Expanding on their timeless appeal and drawing from decades of style, Kipling has curated the Heritage Collection, a spectacular showcase of their most sought-after designs, revisited with a modern twist. The Heritage Collection encompasses a variety of classic silhouettes that evoke a distinct 90s vibe, making each piece a testament to the era’s lasting influence on fashion.

Further enhancing the nostalgic feel of the collection is Kipling’s iconic monkey mascot, which adorns each bag. This playful feature serves as a cherished hallmark of the brand’s identity, connecting past designs with current trends. Whether you’re looking for a practical everyday bag or something that stands out as a stylish accessory, the Heritage Collection offers versatile options that can elevate any ensemble while providing a nostalgic nod to the vibrant 90s.

Standout Summer Denim: Wrangler

For Spring/Summer 2024, the heritage denim brand Wrangler is set to captivate all fashion lovers with an exceptional array of denim staples that highlight their rich legacy of craftsmanship. This season, Wrangler unveils a diverse lineup that includes both timeless designs and stylish silhouettes. Among the featured pieces are the Heritage Jacket and World Wide Jean, each exemplifying Wrangler’s deep roots in denim culture with a modern twist. Adding to the seasonal excitement, Wrangler introduces the Racer Back Cat Suit and A-Line Shirt Dress, each designed to offer a contemporary edge to classic denim wear.

This season’s offerings are carefully curated to enhance any wardrobe, making each item a standout choice for those looking to build or expand their capsule wardrobe. From the bustling city streets to more relaxed, casual settings, Wrangler’s SS24 collection promises to deliver statement pieces that blend style, comfort, and durability – hallmarks of the Wrangler brand. These pieces are not just clothes; they are a testament to Wrangler’s enduring appeal and ongoing commitment to quality denim.

Cambridge Satchel – High Tea Collection

This Spring, Cambridge Satchel invites you to embrace the season with the elegant unveiling of its SS24 High Tea collection. Renowned for blending tradition craftsmanship with contemporary design, Cambridge Satchel continues this tradition by refreshing its classic styles with a modern, playful twist. The collection features beloved staples such as The 11 Inch Satchel, The Kate, The Mini Bowls Bag and The Poppy, each piece beautifully reimagined for the new season.

The SS24 High Tea collection draws inspiration from the quintessentially British tradition of afternoon tea, from embodying the charm and sophistication of this belove ritual. This influence is beautifully reflected in the palette choices, with the collection available in the soft, serene shades of vanilla and the subtly vibrant fondant pink. These new hues not only evoke the lightness and joy of Spring but also perfectly compliment the refined lines and exquisite detailing that Cambridge Satchel is known for.

Kipling: The Pantone Peach Collection

Stay on trend this season with Kipling’s latest collection, beautifully embracing the Pantone colour of the year: Peach. As the trend forecasts turn towards warmer, softer colour palettes, Kipling has skilfully adapted with a stunning selection of bags and accessories, ensuring you remain effortlessly chic throughout the season.

The new line features several of Kipling’s classic designs, including the versatile Anto S backpack and the elegant Lucasta shoulder bag, each reimagined in vibrant new colourways aptly named ‘Mellow Peach’ and ‘Peach Glam’. These shades not only capture the essence of the colour trend but also offer a fresh take on Kipling’s renowned style.

Kipling’s commitment to functionality melds seamlessly with modern aesthetics in this collection, offering a variety of designs that are both stylish and practical. Whether you’re navigating a busy workday or transitioning to evening leisure, these bags are designed to carry you through with ease and elegance. The soft peach tones add a touch of sophistication and can easily be paired with a wide range of outfits, enhancing your wardrobe with a gentle, inviting colour that compliments any look.

Overall, the Spring Summer 2024 collections from Wrangler, Kipling and Cambridge Satchel are set to be one of innovation, nostalgia, and vibrant colour. From the rich, collaborative energy of Wrangler and STAUD’s denim innovations to the delicate pastel hues of Kipling’s accessories and the quintessentially English charm of Cambridge Satchel’s High Tea collection, these lines not only capture the spirit of SS24 but also offer a wealth of choices for personal expression.

As you update your wardrobe for the warmer months, draw inspiration from these diverse collections. Whether you’re aiming for the casual elegance of a denim jacket, the sophisticated simplicity of a peach-toned shoulder bag, or the playful charm of a satchel inspired by afternoon tea, there is something here for every taste and occasion.