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Why Choose LUXlife?

LUXlife in an online luxury publication that provides high end and exclusive firms the perfect media platform to get their products and services seen by a discerning, highly targeted, and, most importantly, big spending audience that other publications simply cannot reach.

Advertising with LUXlife allows you to reach your target market and showcase your talent and industry knowledge. Our popular online magazine and easy to use website offer a selection of ways to interact with your clients and highlight your skills. With so many different options to choose from and support across every stage of the process, it could not be simpler to get your message across.

Our Readers & Visitors

In the last 12 months LUXlife has seen more than 108,616 website visitors and a staggering 339,753 page views. The global LUXlife recipients, spanning over 170 countries, comprises 20% high net worth individuals and 80% professionals earning over £100k per year, giving combined yearly earnings of £42m.

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Our Solutions
Solution Display Advertising

Boasting excellent pageviews, an advert on our home page or one of our high traffic pages, offers a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness. As part of the booking, we can also share the number of impressions and clicks gained from the advert placement allowing you to measure the success of your ad campaign.Shop Now ➜

Solution Magazine Cover Exposure

Without exception, the front covers of our magazines and supplement are the highest profile, visible positions on offer. Who wouldn’t want this type of exposure? Our main headline is the most prominent, however logos and sub-headlines are also a great way to get a brand seen by tens / hundreds of thousands of individuals.Shop Now ➜

Solution Editorial Content

All our articles are expertly crafted by SEO trained writers. We tease out compelling information about the company via a written questionnaire or telephone interview and then lay it out in an eye-catching way to include in our magazine or website. The client gets full editorial sign-off and can make any changes they see fit.

Choose from a half page of editorial content or for maximum exposure why not opt for a double page spread.Shop Now ➜

Solution Newsletter Advertising

Our e-newsletter is distributed directly to our 238,000-strong circulation upon the release of each quarterly edition of LUXlife Magazine. The e-newsletter features the top stories from each edition, with limited placements available for both article and company logo inclusions. An e-newsletter article inclusion consists of an image, headline, and standfirst from your article, with a link to the magazine where it is featured.Shop Now ➜

Solution Social Media Spotlight

Our social media spotlight includes a post on all the relevant social platforms for that brand, which tags the customer and their article. We can include specific hashtags and keywords to support existing marketing strategies.Shop Now ➜

Solution Sponsorships

LUXlife has long seen the value of sponsorship opportunities as part of a company’s marketing strategy. Sponsoring our awards provides a unique and exciting opportunity to be highly visible to influential decision makers from across the globe.Shop Now ➜

Solution Corporate Brochures

We create striking four-and eight-page e-brochures from the content we generate creating client articles. They include a personalised front cover and essentially provide the client with their own mini magazine. They are great for circulating digitally and hosting on websites, but we can also print them for display in offices and for distribution at events and expos.Shop Now ➜

Solution Awards Marketing Tools

Have you recently had the privilege of being award in a LUXlife awards program? Click here to view our awards marketing products to help you make the most of your win.Shop Now ➜

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Our sales and marketing experts are on hand to help you make the most of your marketing strategy. If you’re after some advice or just have a query regarding any of our products, please contact using the details below.

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