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Cambodia’s first plastic free hotel invites guests to give back

The package includes:

  • Two nights at Jaya House River Park, Siem Reap’s most sought-after hotel
  • Attending a tree planting morning to plan their own trees
  • Two complimentary, organic spa treatments daily
  • Sustainable, vegan dinner for two at the acclaimed Trorkuon Khmer restaurant
  • Complimentary airport transfers

Total package price: $660 USD (based on two adults sharing)

Jaya House River Park Siem Reap has introduced an Earth Day package for the month of April. The package includes two nights at Jaya House River Park, tree planting during the day, an local and organic vegan dinner at the hotel’s renowned Trorkuon Khmer restaurant, and two complimentary spa treatments daily for each guest.

Jaya House River Park Siem Reap is a global trailblazer for responsible travel and positive impact tourism, championing a primary purpose to improve the lives of Khmers (Cambodians).

The Jaya House Earth Day Package:

Tree planting morning

Guests can partake in the tree planting initiative launched in 2019 by Christian de Boer, Managing Director of Jaya House River Park and UN advisor on sustainable tourism. In the past six years Jaya House has planted thousands of trees in Siem Reap as part of an initiative to create a greener community and encourage fruit growth.

Vegan dinner for two at Trorkuon Khmer

The hotel’s restaurant, Trorkuon Khmer, is one of Siem Reap’s most exclusive dining destinations with a philosophy centered around food equality and sustainability. Serving vegan-friendly Western and Khmer cuisine, all ingredients are locally and ethically sourced from local suppliers who are paid a fair wage.

Two daily complimentary spa treatments

Guests are treated two complimentary spa treatments daily such as a deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage and/or a traditional Khmer massage. These spa treatments use Khmer botanicals from the Jaya Organics range, the hotel’s wellness brand originally conceptualised for reducing single use plastic in the hospitality industry. Jaya Organics is produced in small batches using plants, herbs, roots, flowers and essential oils native to the villages around Siem Reap – supporting organic and locally produced treatments.

Website: www.jayahouseriverpark.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jayahouseriverpark