2020 Pet Products And Services Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 15 Page 14 www.lux-review.com LUX 2020 Pet Products And Services Awards LUX 2020 Pet Products And Services Awards Having spent years refining the process and the components used, Clébard can now propose an innovative sleeping solution that is sure to guarantee only the most divine and deluxe dreams that a dog can have. Made in France and patented, Clébard has produced what is arguably the world’s finest and most luxurious dog bed that is the result of an empirical and scientific process to discover what advantages a dog needs most for perfect sleeping. This cushion not only delivers an exceptional night’s sleep, but also protects the environment in ways that other dog beds simply cannot match. Particularly comfortable, the Clébard cushion is a piece of furniture in its own right, fitting into all decorative styles and choices within a home. A truly decorative object, the Clébard cushion comes with several finishing elements to make it stand out as one of the most luxurious dog bed offerings in the world today, whether they be smoothest and silky soft, or robust and ready for the roughest dog. This is a dog cushion that does not need to be hidden when guests come around. Clébard is a talking point for any room in the house, and gives the owner the perfect chance to talk some more about their beloved pet. Designed with exceptional ergonomics that respect the dog’s natural instincts, the Clébard cushion allows the dog to make the bed as they would in nature, all whilst protecting their back and joints from uncomfortable sleeping positions. As pet owners around the world become increasingly invested in the health and wellbeing of their pets, Pet Munchies seeks to offer them an innovative alternative to traditional pet treats. Made with 100% natural high-quality human grade ingredients, all Pet Munchies products have their naturally rich flavour enhanced as the ingredients are slow roasted in their own natural juices, creating tempting treats that are tasty and healthy. Pet Munchies delectable treats are full of natural goodness. The majority are low in fat and salt, with no artificial colours or flavours. Their constantly expanding selection of treats contains mouth-watering varieties made with chicken, duck, beef liver, ocean white fish, wild salmon, venison and buffalo. In fact, with over forty different varieties to choose from, one will find a delicious snack even for dogs that may have intolerances to certain ingredients and food sensitivities. For pets with dietary requirements, the company will have a choice of meat-based treats, wild salmon and a huge selection of hypoallergenic, natural, grain and gluten free varieties, including delicious sticks made with super healthy sweet potato which are packed with vitamins and are a healthy source of fibre. Also, for raw fed dogs there is a single source protein, Beef Liver Crunch, that can be used as the perfect way to treat dogs with a snack. Everybody deserves the best possible night’s sleep, or afternoon kip for that matter. Dogs who have spent the entire day being the best boy or girl they can possibly be deserve nothing more than to lay down in an eco-friendly and highly luxurious bed that is as comfortable as it is innovative. Clébard provides such beds, drawing on innovation to offer a sleeping solution designed for even the most demanding of dogs. Following the firm’s success in the Pet Products and Services Awards 2020, we at LUXlife take a closer look at the beds to learn more about why they are so good. Multi award-winning Pet Munchies is a premium gourmet range of high-quality dog treats, all made with 100% natural human-grade, quality real meat and fish. Celebrating the firm’s success in this year’s Pet Products & Services Awards we profile it to find out more about the delicious, natural pet treats it has to offer. Jun20073 Jun20068 Clébard Best Eco-Friendly Luxury Dog Bed 2020 Pet Munchies Pet Treat Brand of the Year 2020 - UK & Wild Salmon Strips: UK Pet Treat Of The Year 2020 The innovative and inventive combination of cork and cedar that is used in the cushions naturally repels fleas, bacteria, fungi, and other pesky elements that would otherwise plague any piece of dog-related furniture. Not only protective of the dog’s health, these natural repellents also do wonders for the home’s hygiene and keep it clear of pests. On a more molecular structure, the composition of this luxurious dog bed also works proactively to neutralize unpleasant odours in the heart of the cushion without disrespecting the dog’s acute sense of smell. Practically speaking, all it takes is a damp cloth to quickly clean up any surface stains that may occur, either from spillages or unfortunate accidents. Clébard has ensured that the outer cover of the cushion can be removed for machine washing as often as is necessary to maintain its original freshness. In their ecologically-responsible approach to creating the world’s foremost luxury dog bed, creators Eric and Daniele Hubler ensured that Clébard met their highly ambitious quality criteria to guarantee the longevity of the cushion itself. An environmentally-friendly production process is used in making the luxurious cushion, where the bark of oak helps to achieve a positive carbon balance, whilst also making sure that the heart of the cushion is decay-resistant and crushproof. Innovative, ergonomic, respectful, and sanitizing without losing that luxurious designer feel, all of many versions of the Clébard cushion are outstanding. Understanding that each and every dog is different, the Clébard cushion comes in a wide variety of sizes, fabrics, and colours. Small, medium, large, and extra large cushions can be customised to be either linen, sofa, velvet, skin, smooth, or chain, and a myriad of colours await. The best dogs deserve the best beds, and nothing is more luxurious than a night’s sleep on a Clébard cushion. Company: Clébard Contact: Eric Hubler Website: www.clebard-concept.com/en/ Within Pet Munchies range you will find five varieties of soft bite training treats, chicken, venison, liver & chicken, duck and sushi. The former four are grain and gluten free. Used and recommended by world champions. Due to popular demand, the firm has recently introduced Super Value 150g pouches of these delicious training treats. Pet Munchies also offers award winning super healthy range of Premium Quality Wild Salmon Skin Treats consisting of Salmon Bites, Salmon Fillets and Salmon Skin Chews as well as their freeze-dried gourmet range of super healthy cat treats which also received an award. The treats are full of natural goodness with high levels of vitamins and minerals, which will help promote good dental hygiene and contribute towards joint mobility and healthy skin and coats. Also available in four exciting varieties such as venison, lamb, duck and chicken are a fantastic range of semi-moist Stix treats, made with natural ingredients, which can be purchased at a competitive price. Among Pet Munchies’ other popular options is its award-winning Buffalo Dental Chews. The premium gourmet dental chews are made with 100% natural human- grade grass fed Buffalo. This healthy chew is infused with salmon oil, which is good for skin and coat, joint mobility due to the rich levels of Omega 3. Long lasting, the treats are designed to satisfy any dog’s natural instinct to chew, to help reduce tartar and plaque to support good oral health. They are also grain and gluten free, low in fat, high in protein, with no artificial colours or flavours. This is, above all else, a healthy and easily digestible chew. The most recent innovation in Pet Munchies range is Wild Salmon Strips, a premium gourmet jerky treat made with 100% natural human grade Wild Salmon meat. No artificial colours or flavours. Single source protein and a healthy source of Omega 3, minerals, including magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and vitamins, such as vitamin A and multiple B-vitamins. Wild Salmon is one of the few natural food sources of vitamin D. The variety, value and quality of the products is amazing. Moving forward, this phenomenal range will continue to be enhanced as Pet Munchies works to ensure it remains at the forefront of the emerging trends within the ever-evolving pet treat market. Company: Pet Munchies Address: P.O Box 1075, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 9RJ, United Kingdom Web Address: www.pet-munchies.com