2020 Pet Products And Services Awards

Page 6 www.lux-review.com LUX 2020 Pet Products And Services Awards fresh Scottish salmon and North Atlantic herring, this cuisine can also include seasonally available cod, haddock, hake, plaice and pollock depending on which is the “Catch of the Day”. Not only is this dish the gentlest recipe on a dog’s stomach, the natural healing properties of fish are ideal for dogs with a multitude of issues, such as inflammation of the joints due to arthritis, itchy skin when caused by intolerance to grain-based foods, or sensitive stomachs and digestive issues. Understanding a pet’s diet can be difficult for new owners, which is also why Eden has spent an enormous amount of time and energy in putting together an outstanding Customer Service team who are nutritionally trained to answer any and all questions. There is also a dedicated closed Facebook group for new and existing customers, or anyone just wanting to gather further information. In the Facebook group, customers can share their success stories whilst feeding their pets, ask questions and post images of their beloved best friends. The whole group has come together as one massive community, sharing in the joy of these luxury products and the excellence of the health benefits they provide. Everyone who is a part of Eden Holistic Pet Foods, be they customer or staff member is a part of the Eden family. Staff and customers alike share the passion that Paul and Carol had back in 2012, and have transformed it into the brand it is today. That passion shows no signs of slowing either, with Eden Holistic Pet Food able to reveal exclusively to LUXlife readers that it is planning to develop its already fantastically luxurious food range by the end of 2020. Having spent years developing and refining the best pet food products on the market, Eden is now looking to release at least three brand new recipes. As exciting as they will be luxurious, these new recipes will carry on the ethos of delivering a sumptuous food that also contains a myriad of health benefits for pets everywhere. Perhaps the luxury and the beneficial nature of what Eden Holistic Pet Foods has to offer can be seen most evidently in its perfectly simple, yet engaging, tagline: “Supporting Animal Health Through Nutrition™’’. The owners have been on a eight year journey to reach this point, and have changed so many human and pet lives for the better along the way. This luxurious pet food company has made its mark on the healthy pet food world and shows no signs of slowing down in its pursuit of pet perfection. Company: Eden Holistic Pet Foods Contact: [email protected] Website: www.edenpetfoods.com

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