2020 Global Wedding Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 9 LUX Global Wedding Awards 2020 Planning a wedding can be a stressful affair, from liaising with vendors to getting everyone where they need to be on time. The last thing a bride and groom should be doing on their wedding day is worrying about the logistics and planning of the day itself. That is where Kelli Corn and her team at Kelli Corn Weddings and Events comes in, as a full-service wedding and event design company. Created to help those excited newlywed couples who are in pursuit of the perfect party, the firm works from a basis of trust and relationship through the whole process to ensure that when the day comes, the couple can simply be in the moment and focus on what truly matters: one another. Without having to worry about the design and smooth running of the wedding, the couple can be present in their very first moments as a married couple, knowing that Kelli and her team has all the details taken care of in making sure that the party is well and truly perfect. Many couples dream of their own style of luxury wedding, whether that be a rustic barn setting or an outdoors wedding on the beach. Kelli and her team specialize in handling luxury weddings, though mostly destination weddings. The business itself is located in a destination area of the Lowcountry and, as a result, brings a wealth of expertise related to the history, culture, and nature of the land that surrounds it. Any couple can rely with complete assuredness that Kelli and her team will incorporate that sense of place from the A wedding day is a day of celebration and happiness, and as such, should be absolutely perfect for the bride and groom. It should be perfectly catered to their wishes, drawing on and highlighting the aspects of their personality that have drawn them together. In South Carolina, Kelli Corn Weddings and Events specializes in creating such perfection, ensuring every wedding it plans is executed beautifully. Mar20191 Kelli Corn Weddings and Events Best Full-Service Wedding Design Company 2020 - South Carolina Lowcountry into the wedding itself, giving each of the guests a memorable experience that will be talked about for years to come. Crafting a luxurious wedding is not easy, which is why it is imperative to enlist the services of Kelli and her team. The couple don’t need to be worrying about the logistics or the design on a day where they should be focusing on one another. Instead, they can leave it all to the team, every one of whom is detail-oriented and hard-working. Kelli has surrounded herself with individuals who understand the necessity to create the perfect weddings, and is willing to put in the time, the effort, and the heart to see it come to life. Seeing her clients see their wedding and party venue for the first time is what drives Kelli to do what she does; that moment where she knows her clients are able to take it all in and remember that perfect time is so worth every modicum of energy and planning. There can be no cutting corners, no skipping steps, and no lack of hard work when it comes to crafting the most luxurious of weddings. However, being a married woman herself, Kelli understands the importance of balancing work with life. A wedding is the beginning of the rest of this couple’s lives together, and many of the people whom she works with are allowed that balance between work and life to stay happy at home. Kelli herself is a working mother of two, and her husband’s career is active in the local community. Between them, they achieve a sense of balance and equilibrium in their small town life. Kelli extends that same courtesy to her staff, encouraging them to have flexible time in order to spend time with those who matter most outside of work. Weddings are one of the most joyous times in a couple’s life, and in order to make sure they can enjoy to its fullest extent, they can trust Kelli and her team with every aspect of planning, designing, and executing the perfect wedding. Luxury abounds, creativity pours out from every angle, and most importantly, there are smiles on the face of everyone in the venue. The decorations and stylistic choices are exquisite, and the newly married couple can escape to the rest of their lives knowing that Kelli and her team will be there to ensure they don’t have to worry about a thing. Company: Kelli Corn Weddings and Events Contact: Kelli Corn Website: www.kellicorn.com

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