LUX Tourism Awards 2018

LUX - Tourism Awards 2018 23 “LAST PARADISE” has been dubbed the greatest story of adventure and innovation. How a daredevil bunch of kids in the 60’s changed the world of adventure travel and inspired others who seek the ultimate in life. It is all told through a parable of fun and discovery captured in 45 years of stunning original footage in pristine paradises that everyone yearns to experience. If you’ve ever wanted to visit the real Middle Earth this film will take you there. LAST PARADISE was filmed over 45 years by physicist/innovator Clive Neeson who built his own camera at age 14 to capture the antics of his childhood friends as they explored the untouched wilderness of New Zealand in the 1960s. Decades later it turns out that these same kids would become the legendary pioneers of extreme sports and adventure travel. Their story stands as an inspiration to all those who travel or seek the ultimate formula in life. Long before the age of modern tourism, they set out on a quest to discover the world’s secret paradises, the ultimate lifestyle and the true meaning of wealth and happiness. Only with this unique rare footage can we so clearly see the truth about where we have been and where the world is going. The film shows us how incredibly the world has changed in one lifetime, the biggest issues facing our future and what is possible through the spirit of innovation. The film provides a unique insight on the big issues of climate change, urbanization, cultural loss, environmental destruction, energy, obesity and depression, and how these all boil down to elementary solutions such as inspiring kids to play outside, study science and choose the right careers. As a film, LAST PARADISE is very effective tool in making these happen and being family friendly and ravelled in fun and entertainment, it is very easy to swallow. As such, this unique film not only opens our eyes to a new dimension in travel and lifestyle, it gives us a clearer understanding of our world, motivating kids and adults alike to create a better future. Best Adventure Travel Film 2018 LAST PARADISE was filmed over 45 years by physicist/innovator Clive Neeson, creating an epic film which has literally been a lifetime in the making and that journey has revealed major issues about our future and how we will innovate the vital solutions for survival of our civilisation. We explore how this brilliant tale of adventure and innovation has changed the face of New Zealand’s cinema industry for the better. Best Adventure Travel Film 2018 The film’s creator, Clive Neeson, gained his passion for travel, and adventure growing up on safari in East Africa as his parents filmed wild animals. He later gained a Master’s degree in physics and electronic engineering in order to better understand the natural elements and develop technology for extreme sports such as wave prediction and digital vision. This ultimately led to an international career in technology innovation for the energy industry. But his passion for filming was driven by the sense that his camera was capturing something very unique which would one day tell a great story to the world. Decades later, this rare footage was discovered during the making of “Lord of the Rings” trilogy in New Zealand. When Clive was invited to create LAST PARADISE at Weta Studios, it was a childhood dream come true. Clive created realistic sound effects to bring the original footage into life and capture the audience into the adventure. Musicians including Cat Stevens, Bryce Wastney and Waves generously contributed music to create a superb ambience evoking the mystique of the time and place. Recently, LAST PARADISE has just completed a tour of 60 packed cinema events around Australia. Clive appeared as speaker to inspire the audience on innovation, adventure travel and creating an exciting and fruitful life. The film and cinema events have been life-changing for so many people that a tour is being planned for USA and Europe. LAST PARADISE attracts people who see their own words and values in the story and become passionate about being a part of it as “partners”. Typically, these are adventure travel companies, hotel chains, technology companies, airlines or even organisations and individuals who wish to foster environmentally sustainable practices. They see value in how they can benefit from the popularity of a powerful and very “cool” movie. The cinema tours provide partners with an easy means to give back to the world and present their message whilst boosting their business and reputation. Some even organize extra screenings in their own towns to add to the tour events. “Last Paradise attracts people who see their own words and values in the story and become passionate about being a part of it as “partners”.” In addition to the cinema events, special editions of the film have been created with National Geographic for TV, hotel lobbies, airlines, education and home entertainment. It is no surprise that it has been a favourite on board the world’s voted best airline, Air New Zealand. Ultimately, many people wonder what their life could possibly be or how they can travel in a unique way that enriches their experience. LAST PARADISE is designed to give them the vision and inspiration. It also provides an easy and exciting way for successful individuals to become tour partners and create a legacy that leaves the world in better shape. The LAST PARADISE website g ives us a taste of the action on the movie trailer and how to get involved. LAST PARADISE, a film by Clive Neeson