Autumn 2019

38 May19072 Timeless Designs from the Experts in Luxury Hospitality Bost Interior Design GmbH is an award-winning architecture and interior design firm based in Berlin. Following their recognition as the Leading Experts in Luxury Hotel Architecture & Interior Design in the 2019 Leading Designers programme, we spoke with the firm’s CEO, Christina Bost, to find out more about their expertise and services. “Times change! Nothing is as constant as the change. New trends and developments are always emerging and spreading. Firms that stand still, and take a step back lose their competitive edge in the market.” - Christina Bost on the global design industry Interior design is a constantly changing industry, fuelled by ever-shifting client desires, trends and fashions. What was cutting edge one-year can seem utterly outdated the next. The key then, as simple as it sounds, is finding a style that transcends these ephemeral elements. Style that stands the test of time, and emerges unchanged, as effective and striking as the day it was imagined. For the hospitality industry, especially within the luxury sphere, this ability becomes even more crucial, determining the success of a firm in this increasingly competitive sphere. Counting such hospitality giants as Marriott International, Radisson and Kempinski amongst their clients, Bost Interior Design has certainly showcased themselves as a firm that is both highly capable and highly experienced in their field. Here, Christina offers some more insight into how Bost Interior Design provides an exceptional service for their highly- discerning clients. “With many years of experience, the team of architects, interior designers, product designers and 3D specialists realise international hotel projects with a focus on high aesthetic and economic requirements in the spirit of identity and lasting effect. In doing so, the concept is tested for efficiency and feasibility in close contact with the individual disciplines at all times. The ideas of the team make a constant contribution to the concept of the hotel as a place of life, work and relaxation.” The strength of their work comes from a strength of the team dynamic, with the skills of the entire firm working in harmony to create a bespoke and unique final design: “Our team consists of big personalities with their own distinct identities. The strengths of the individuals are encouraged. Each team member should feel that they contribute to the overall success of the company.” Moving on, Christina takes a moment to discuss the trends that look set to define 2019 and the foreseeable future. “There are many trends incoming for 2019. There’s been a noticeable turn towards exceptional experiences, as travel is becoming more and more about ‘the individual’, with value placed on independent hotels with great guest services. These hotels need extraordinary ideas that are focused on the local identity with a local meaning. This idea of individualism extends to the rooms themselves. Rooms in hotels do not look the same anymore – they are being furnished in a unique way to give the guest a boutique hotel feel. In some hotels, each room has a different theme. Guests experience a unique feeling in themed hotels. Finally, Generation Y remain an important market in the hotel industry as they mature, with new brands tailored to them. Hotel brands with hip, original concepts are on-trend.” Regarding challenges in the industry, Christina offers more insight into the balance between architecture and design, and how the two are only becoming more intertwined and reliant on the other. “The profession itself is still, in many ways, inclusive, though there is more of an interface between architecture and design. The discussion of an interior theory, as necessary as it is, is fuelled by the intellectuals among the creatives; and it is enriched by concrete experiences from interior design research and development.” Here, the designers play the role of the creatives, bringing an idea into fruition – giving it life and form. This concept is reinforced in Christina’s closing comments, as she summarises Bost Interior Design’s ethos. “The firm’s experienced team intertwine different styles and create an eclectic and sophisticated ensemble of colour and form. These initial ideas are supplemented by our own designs, with a focus on fulfilling future design trends when it comes to aesthetic, economic and technological sustainability.” For Bost, this idea of timelessness in design is everything, forging the future of their success. Company: Bost Interior Design Name: Christina and Tassilo Bost Address: Bismarckallee 24, Berlin, D-14193, Germany Website: Telephone: +49 30 3083070