2019 Designer Awards

Page 28 www.lux-review.com LUX 2019 Designer Awards Thanks to its innovative team and dedication to excellence, the firm is now a leader in lighting in Mexico with a workshop, exhibition area, and the most advanced professional infrastructure. Ultimately, it is Lighteam’s deep commitment to each project, sense of responsibility, optimal lighting results, and breakthrough proposals that position the firm at the forefront of the lighting design market. As such, these values will be central to the company’s approach as it looks towards a bright and opportunity-filled future. Company: Lighteam Gustavo Aviles S.C. Contact: Gustavo Martinez Website: https://lighteam.mx/ Lighteam, led by Gustavo Aviles, is a study engaged in the investigation of technical, academic, and design resources to develop and promote an architectural lighting culture endowed with creativity, effectiveness, and efficiency. Using transdisciplinary methods and cutting- edge techniques and equipment, Lighteam is able to translate light into design material to define and enhance forms and space, accentuate details, take on the senses, influence movement, and create ambiances. The firm’s focus is to transform the way that people interact, conceive and approach both natural and artificial lighting. Covering from small to large scale projects and the myriad of possible scenarios, the company’s talented team is skilled to analyze each specific condition and assert a fitting lighting design for housing, commercial, institutional, landscaping, city masterplans, and temporary artistic projections, performances, and installations. For clients, working with Lighteam is a gateway to explore new territories, paving every step with progressive ideas. Lighteam has qualified specialists that offer professional ethics at a good cost and timely delivery times. Based in Mexico, Lighteam Gustavo Aviles S.C. offers unique lighting design solutions across a wide variety of applications. We profile the firm to find out more about the innovative designs it creates and how these have propelled it to the success it enjoys today. Lighteam Gustavo Aviles S.C. Best Theatre Lighting Design Specialist 2019 – Mexico & Award for Excellence in Commercial Lighting Design 2019 - Mexico

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