2019 Fashion & Lifestyle Awards

Page 10 www.lux-review.com LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2019 Established in 2015, DIZAIND came into being when its Founders saw a better and more sustainable way of how people could experience fashion and express their style. The team were dissatisfied with the fashion industry led by the uniformity of trends and wanted to create bags which promote the uniqueness of its customers’ personal style. As such, they sought to create an antidote to this through their unique brand. Today, thanks to DIZAIND’s proprietary 3D tool online, its customers can create one of the kind bag, which is handcrafted in Italy from top quality materials within four weeks. There are currently seven different bag models which can be customized online in different colours and styles, with over one million possible combinations. Customers can add their initials or names, to make each bag even more unique and special. As unique bags require unique production methods and rely on quality, DIZAIND’s products are made from the highest quality leather, which is renowned for being outstanding in its colour and softness. This quality produce is sourced from top Italian tanneries that are leaders in their fields for their craft and environmental standards. Each bag is hand made by experienced artisans in Bergamo, Italy. As a result, customers can rely on this innovative brand to offer them quality products that will stand the test of time and comply with their ethical sensibilities. Working closely with its customers, the brand’s expert team can advise and support them throughout the design process to ensure they achieve the design they truly desire. DIZAIND is a Swiss fashion brand, that ethically makes personalized, luxury leather bags and accessories in the heart of Italy. We profile the brand to find out more about how it came to win one of 2019’s coveted Fashion and Lifestyle Awards. Best Bespoke Handbags Brand 2019 - Europe This dedicated team always go the extra mile to make their customers happy, for example making the customized length for the shoulder straps or fulfilling special request for their bag design details. Looking to the future, as sustainability and personalisation remain core focuses for customers across the fashion market, DIZAIND is perfectly positioned to grow in this space. The firm’s ongoing focus will be on producing a quality leather substitute to reduce its reliance on animal-based products and cater to the rising range of consumers seeking vegan solutions. Company: Pistol Star Group GmbH Brand Name: DIZAIND Address: Fritz Fleiner Weg 11, 8044 Zurich, Switzerland Telephone Number: +41 78 772 7130 Web Address: www.dizaindbags.com

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