Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 31 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards For more than fifteen years, Norwegian firm sorze4 have been importing and developing food products from across the world to be sold in convenience stores and major supermarkets every day. Specialising in importing goods from South America, discover why this firm has become Northern Europe’s best product import and development company. sorze4 As: Best Grocery Product Import & Development Company - Northern Europe Unleashing the secrets of the Amazon and much of South America, sorze4 are bringing the exotic flavours from the continent up to Northern Europe and the supermarkets of Scandinavia. Home to Norway’s largest beverage brand on social media, the company is also Norway’s largest supplier of industrial instant coffee, further cementing itself as one of the most reliable importers and developers. With a production plant in Brazil, and representatives across the world, sorze4 are in the prime position to capitalise on the global consumer demand for more natural sweeteners rather than artificial ones. At the production plant in Brazil, the company create their own products and develop existing products to then be sold as part of brands, or on again to multi-national corporations. More than just Brazil however, the company strive to include foods and drinks from across the continent. Adding a breadth and depth of flavour to all their products, consumers can enjoy treats such as popular Yerba Mate in Argentina, antioxidant-rich potato chips from Ecuador, and green coffee beans from throughout South America. A growing niche within the food and drink industry are products that are flavourful, but full of prebiotics and boasting fewer calories. More and more people are looking to experience delicious food and drink that not only tastes excellent, but are sustainable and completely natural. That’s why sorze4 strive to only include organic ingredients where they can, and only when it makes sense in the pursuit of flavour enhancement. Where possible, the firm don’t use artificial sweeteners or ingredients. Quite simply, if the product doesn’t taste good, then production doesn’t start. One of the other areas in which sorze4 are leading the food and drink industry is with their development of instant versions of existing foodstuffs. Through careful innovation and a desire to make everyday life even easier for consumers, the company has dedicated much of its efforts and energies to ensuring that their product line is totally unique, reducing competition and making them stand out across most of Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Despite the constant innovation and development going on at sorze4, the company ensures that they always remain in line with the rigorous food safety standards of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. With regular inspections and audits, the firm make sure that their work is constantly meeting and exceeding those standards. All products that have been developed and modified include ingredient lists, ensuring that anyone with a food allergy is not adversely affected. Recognising that some consumers who lead busy lives would prefer to have food on the go that is still flavourful is just one of the many reasons why sorze4 has established itself as a leading player in the food and drink industry across Northern Europe. Bringing the vibrant essence and explosions of taste from South America to the European consumer have made this company an outstandingly innovative import and development company to be watched. Company: sorze4 AS | Contact: Jan Yttereng Website: