Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 72 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards What does it take to bake the perfect recipe for success? Add a splash of skill, a carefully-measured commitment to client satisfaction, a sprinkling of support, a fistful of flavour, and an overflowing cup full of character, et voila! Stag Bakeries have unlocked the secrets to delivering the best family-run craft bakery across the Scottish Highlands, with some wonderfully enjoyable treats on offer. Discover more about this delightful family- run bakery as we take a closer look. Stag Bakeries Ltd: Best Family-Run Craft Bakery 2019 - Scottish Highlands The Hebridean landscape of Scotland’s gorgeous Highlands is perhaps some of the most beautiful countryside that the United Kingdom has to offer. The island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides boasts beautiful rugged hills and bracing winds to make even the most intrepid of adventurers hungry for all sorts of delicious treats when they return to the town of Stornoway. Eagerly awaiting their return is the team at Stag Bakeries, a family- run craft bakery that deliver treats bursting with flavour, love, and imagination like no other. Offering something significantly less ordinary, these treats are perfect for the discerning client in search of a unique, yet flavourful product. Mass production has seen traditional methods lost to time in favour of ease. Fortunately, the team at Stag Bakeries have continued to honour the traditions of times past, developing flavours and processing doughs to achieve the perfect finished product. The team at the bak- ery also invest heavily in the ongoing training and development of the current workforce, ensuring that they remain skilled and able to meet the high quality demand that both the clients and bakery itself demand. Deeply rooted in history and tradition, Stag Bakeries has a heritage dating back to 1885. Now, more than 130 years on from the beginning, tradition remains at the heart of the bakery’s continued success. Putting traditional recipes and modern craft bakery skills into the blender together, the result is a myriad of mouth-watering, top- quality products to the leave the taste buds suitably tantalised. With an extensive range of mouth-watering products, the team at Stag Bakeries have masterfully crafted themselves a reputation for delivering the best quality bakes in town. The state-of-the-art artisan bakery in Stornoway would be enough to achieve a fabled Paul Hollywood handshake, and the plethora of award-winning products are perfect for any occasion. From water and seaweed biscuits, to oatcakes, shortbread, cheese straws and many specialty cakes, there is something for everyone in search of a tasty treat. Something radically different, Stag Bakeries’ seaweed biscuits are the perfect balance of a blend of three types of seaweed, and sea salt. The combination can also be tasted in the team’s water biscuits, oatcakes and shortbread, which has seen them secure a wealth of honours across the food and beverage industry. Everyone loves seasonal flavours. Whether it be cinnamon throughout autumn, or elderflower in the spring, seasonal flavours can make a cake or biscuit taste that much better. Coupled with innovative product formats, Stag Bakeries’ speciality cakes with seasonal flavours add a little something special to every palate. Limited edition varieties combine classic recipes with contemporary tastes, which culminate in beautiful tastes unmatched across the Scottish Highlands. Finally, the bakery’s unique cheese straws are something to be well and truly admired and salivated at. Hand-baked, the cheese straws combine all-butter pastry with Scotland’s finest speciality cheeses to become the perfectly light, flaky and delicious snack for any occasion. Whatever the cheese, Stag Bakeries will find a way to ensure it becomes the incredible flavour partner for these incredible straws that deliver on taste and texture. Delivering delectable and delicious cakes and biscuits across Scotland and beyond, this family-run bakery are a perfect example of what makes the food and beverage industry so great. With a reverence for tradition and a desire to use modern baking techniques, Stag Bakeries are a shining example of how to bake truly outstanding food that is unique and undeniably delightful. Company: Stag Bakeries Ltd. Contact: Daniel Smith Website: