Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 81 Part of the new generation of liquor retail and trade in Abu Dhabi, this exciting company is part of a select few allowed to import, wholesale, retail and distribute alcohol in Abu Dhabi. Here at LUXlife, we thought we’d catch up with CEO Timothy Broughton and find a little more about how he manages to trade what used to be untradeable. it is legal to purchase alcohol if you have a valid liquor license in Abu Dhabi, which is no doubt a relief to Peninsula Drinks and Food, a rare oasis in the UAE for those wanting to have a drink, or maybe even more. Focused on being the best supplier of crafts in the region, while still providing mainstream products for its customers, this still fresh- faced business has itself perfectly positioned on the brink of a new era. To begin, we asked Timothy how working in Abu Dhabi has changed over the years. He’s keen to note that ‘alcohol is restricted and can only be purchased if you have a license, which is now made extremely easy and pain free from the licensing authority.’ That said, there are still a number of restrictions around alcohol, and Timothy and his team must work within that framework. We asked what sort of challenges he faces as a market leader trying to make a foothold on the market. ‘There is no above the line advertising allowed which really gets one’s creative thinking going on how to attract new customers!’ A lot of Timothy’s work is with hotels, however the majority of sales are through retail, hotels do not represent most of his work in the market. We wondered how he manages to achieve such high standards of excellence for regular customers like you and me. ‘At Peninsula Drinks and Food, we actively look for new products, whereby we meet every single owner to understand their philosophy and how they make their product,’ he tells us. ‘That care and attention is what we then transfer into our best practice of continual training of educating our staff to then provide knowledge and education to our valued and loyal customers. If you are knowledgeable - you are then able to sell a product with confidence.’ The care and attention put into making every staff member into a guide for the customer is incredible. Teaching both to have an intimate knowledge of the craft, and of a growing international market, means that the shopping experience can be made painless and fun for all concerned. Peninsula Drinks and Food is run by its talented staff, but very much led from the front. Timothy is a hands-on leader, taking a proactive role with ensuring that everyone is working to the same level and standards. ‘The business aims and goals form part of the staff Balanced Scorecard to ensure alignment of these goals and expectations,’ Timothy explains. With everyone familiar and proficient, there can be a guarantee of quality unparalleled by other suppliers. A modern business venture through and through, the advent of technology has al- lowed Peninsula Drinks and Food to explore new and exciting options of how best to serve its customers. ‘Loyalty programs now controlled directly from mobile devices,’ he tells us proudly. ‘We employ professionals and consultants who are able to advise us on technological advancements and innovations allowing us to be market leaders,’ he grins wryly, ‘and ahead of our competitors.’ The expectations of clients in this field are incredibly high, with the expectation of excellent service, supreme quality, while also offering value for money and promotions based on price. This can make this industry a troublesome one to work in, but as Timothy explains ‘we have been very quick to respond to market needs to ensure we deliver above and beyond their expectations.’ In many ways, this ability to react promptly and appropriately to situations shows the professionalism and flexibility of the staff at Peninsula Drinks and Food. It also shows why there is the demand for more stores to be opened at strategic locations, with an enhancement of the company’s portfolio as brands and producers move their distribution to Peninsula. The planned addition of specialized deli items to a repertoire that has satisfied customers so far is an exciting move on their part. ‘We have taken retail to a new level from a shopping experience through design, selection and our focus of being the number one craft supplier in the region,’ Timothy tells us. He learns from his competitors as well. ‘We pay close attention to new products and launches and what the competitors are doing well and what could be improved upon.’ This attention to detail has allowed the company to grow into one of the premier suppliers of alcohol in the region and is why it simply can’t be held back. With a primary audience of expats with high expectations, it’s entirely understandable why a new busi- ness in a country still unused to a drinking culture might struggle. Peninsula Drinks and Food has thrived on the challenge, however. Focused on providing customers with exactly what they want, the dynamic team here go above and beyond to make a truly pleasant experience for all concerned. As one of a select few, it would be easy to sit back and take it easy. Timothy Broughton and Peninsula Drinks and Food aren’t content to sit back however, which is why they’re the Best Specialty Alcoholic Beverage Retailer in the UAE. Contact: Timothy Broughton Company: Peninsula Drinks And Food Telephone: 00971 2 447 8319 Peninsula Drinks And Food: Best Specialty Alcoholic Beverage Retailer - UAE