Food & Drink Awards 2020 Page 17 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards For more than 40 years, Kissan International has remained focused on inspiring people to create delicious homecooked Indian meals. Each of their products allows those cooking with it to see how true Indian cooking tastes, giving them the confidence to explore new recipes. With many people leading busy lives and with busy careers, often there is little time for experimenting in the kitchen. Kissan International aims to demonstrate that cooking good Indian dishes need not be a chore and that when using the right ingredients even those not experienced in Indian cooking can create some truly delicious dishes. Throughout the years, Kissan International has shared a selection of their dreamy dishes on their blog, such as the spicy vegetable quinoa and tandoori masala chicken drumsticks which looks heavenly! Like so many other businesses within the food and beverages industry, Covid-19 has been no stranger to them. However, the business has been able to really harness their digital presence and improve how their customers Kissan International is a specialist producer of authentic Indian spices, ghee, exotic oils and sauces. With a tantalising selection of products on offer, it comes as no surprise that the business was recognised for creating the Most Authentic Indian Food Products in Canada in this years Food and Drink Awards. On the back of their success, we caught up with Vice President, Reema Juneja who dished the secrets about the award-winning business and how they, in her words, “take the mystery out of Indian cooking!” Kissan International Most Authentic Indian Food Products - Canada access their products. For instance, their website has recently been relaunched offering customers an improved, faster and easier access to their diverse product range. The product catalogues have been made accessible via Amazon, Instagram and Facebook, and soon there will be an increase in the content shared to customers by chefs, foodies, and food bloggers for loyal fans to enjoy and get inspired to create their own heavenly dishes. When we asked what makes a firm such as Kissan International successful, Reema replied “There are many factors to ensuring success in the food & beverage industry, but the biggest would have to be adaptability. It’s important for any brand to be able to quickly pivot so you are always a step ahead of your customer and can anticipate their needs before they even know themselves. This is why we have put a lot of thought into creating our e-grocery store, so our customers can easily shop from the comfort of their homes.” 2021 is set to be an exciting year for Kissan International with many new products due for launch, including a new line of dipping sauces with five new flavours, eBooks and new cooking kits which are currently in development. If all of this was not exciting enough, the expansion of Kissan spices into retailers across the United States is also featured amongst their new initiatives. Bringing the interview to a close, Reema simply cannot contain her excitement, as she reveals one final plan that’s in the pipeline for Kissan International. “Finally, we are also excited to have recently released our other Kissan spices to our United Kingdom customers so we can meet the demand!” Here at LUXlife, we can’t wait to see an increase of Kissan International products coming to the UK and gracing our supermarket shelves. Company: Kissan International Contact: Reema Juneja Website: “Our loyal customers know when they get a Kissan product, they are getting the best out there and nothing in the market is comparable.”