Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 42 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards An innovative beverage manufacturer, Bevpax has built itself a reputation based on producing branded products of its own making. Each of these have been created with the customer in mind, reacting to the changing needs of the market segment and collaborating with the client to produce private labelled and OEM beverages that will satisfy both. Functionally, Bevpax understands that by working in private labelling, it is creating the products that the brand of the client will be intrinsically tied to for as long as they are on the shelves, and so it develops function beverages and products that are delicious and representative of everything the client wishes to put across. Its alternative beverages, therefore, include functional waters, prebiotic and probiotic drinks, and natural, sugar-free alternatives to beloved beverages. Fundamentally, it wishes to provide a turnkey and innovative way for clients to provide for their end customers. In serving the market in this way, it can take a client from the first consultation all the way through to manufacture, including everything from brand design discussion to logistics and QC support along the way, allowing Bevpax to make itself a true partner to its clients’ businesses. Not only has this ensured that it can become a household name amongst its clients, it Sep21214 Bevpax Most Innovative Functional Beverage Manufacturer- 2021 has propelled it into the spotlight amongst their peers, as many of its clients go on to recommend its work to their professional contacts and wider network. Such naturalistic promotion has allowed it to survive the tumult of Covid-19, after all. With closures being experienced all around the world and causing businesses big and small to begin to feel the squeeze of everything from supply lines to distribution chains being closed down or interrupted, Bevpax found itself having to refocus. Essentially, it circled the wagons and began to funnel significant effort into providing functionality and health in its beverage options, allowing its clients to serve a market clamouring for more healthfocused products. This was all made possible by the exemplary staff that make up its team. Its staff, in short, are the driving force behind its success, encouraging the ideas and innovations that make up such a huge part of why this company has made a name for itself in the first place. Their innovation, creativity, and forward-thinking mindsets have allowed Bevpax’s clients to approach their market segments from entirely new angles, and each member of the team takes a personal ownership and pride in their work, making it completely their own in everything they do. Additionally, this has cultivated a companywide mindset of developing the best products at competitive pricing, with success, brand buildings, and the success of client and business both as the foremost priority. Now with offices across the USA and looking into expanding further into Europe, Bevpax will be increasing its manufacturing capacity and introducing new products focused on gut health and immunity, excited to announce its renewed zeal for sustainable packaging as it moves away from single use plastics. Company: Bevpax Contact: Tim Xenos Website: Bevpax, a totally unique and completely bespoke manufacturing firm that offers private labelling and OEM beverages to its clients, has made itself a manufacture and brand partner for its market segment over the years. Helping each of its clients to serve the end users with healthy, innovative, delicious beverages that represent everything that client wishes to be to those end customers, it is forever seeking to work alongside its customers and expand its product range further as a result.