Food & Drink Awards 2021

Eight Club: Best Private Dining & Lifestyle Club 2021 – South East England Kouvolan Lakritsi: Liquorice Manufacturer of the Year 2021 V-Label Italia Srl: Recognised Leaders in Vegan & Vegetarian Certification 2021 Vichy Catalan : Best Mineral Water Brand - Europe

welcome to the 2021 F od & Drink Awards LUXlife is proud to host the Food & Drink Awards for a sixth consecutive year and commend those who strive to offer the best products, services, and experiences to their customers. In an industry that is constantly evolving and adapting to meet the needs and tastes of a diverse audience, an emphasis on innovation and quality is crucial. As the Food & Drink Awards enter a new year, we will ensure that we continue to applaud those who bring new, exciting ideas to the table and work hard to offer the highest levels of customer service available. We remain aware of the many challenges faced by businesses in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly those operating within the food and drink sector, therefore, regardless of how small or large a business may be, all shortlisted nominees will be assessed based on their merits. Our merit-driven approach allows for a more efficient method when determining those most deserving of winning an award and has brought us much success and commendation throughout its use over the years! Laura Brookes - Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

6. Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy- Liquorice Manufacturer of the Year 2021 8. Vichy Catalan- Best Mineral Water Brand - Europe 10. Eight Club: Best Private Dining & Lifestyle Club 2021- South East England 12. V-Label Italia Srl- Recognised Leaders in Vegan & Vegetarian Certification 2021 14. GLCC Co- Best Natural Extract Beverage Flavor Company- Midwest USA 15. Coghlans at Barningham- Tea Rooms of the Year 2021- County Durham 16. Danish Coffee Aps- Ethical Coffee Company of the Year 2021- Nordic Region 17. Potters Bude Ltd: Best Fine Dining Restaurant 2021- Cornwall & LUXlife Culinary Excellence Award 2021: Afternoon Tea 18. Winking Seal Beer Co- A Can of Success. Best Craft Beverage Company- Vietnam 19. Dugans Pub- Irish Comfort in North Carolina & Best Traditional Irish Pub- North Carolina 20. Evoi Wines- Let There Be Wine. Most Passionate Winery 2021- Australia 21. Fleures Honey- Best Natural Honey Brand 2021- South Africa 22. Bodegas Comenge- A Sip of Success. Best Spanish Red Wine- Comenge Jacobus and Northern Spain 23. Divine Foodz- Rising to The Top. Best Integrated Bakery & Pastry Products Range- Cairo 24. The Wye Fry- Best Traditional Fish & Chip Shop- Gloucestershire 25. TRIbella LLC- Most Innovative Wine Aeration Accessory 2021 26. Rustic Bakery- Best Organic Bread Bakery Northern California & Leading Purveyors of Edible Corporate Gift Boxes- Northern California 27. Peak Ales- Microbrewery of the Year 2021- Peak District 28. Get Hyped: An Inspiring Influence Best Emerging CPG Influencer Marketing Agency 2021 29. Entre Nous- Best Karaoke & Cocktail Bar 2021- Geneva 30. Innergetics- Best Food Relationship Advisory Platform 2021 31. Oriental Foods Ltd- Indian Snack Provider of the Year 2021- UK 32. Mangifera (Private) Limited- Agri-Food Business of the Year 2021- Sri Lanka 33. SAMsARA Wine Co- Best Boutique Winery- Central California Coast 34. Alpine Distilling: Best Craft Spirit Distillery- Utah & Most Innovative Craft Bourbon (USA): Lafayette Spiced Bourbon Whiskey 35. Yacht Club Punta Del Este- Seafood Restaurant of the Year 2021- Southeast Uruguay 36. Midland Apiaries Ltd- Honey Producer of the Year- New Zealand 37. Pet Munchies Ltd- Best Gourmet Dog Treats Range- UK 38. Neo Community- Best Community Food Support Service 2021- UK 39. All Sweets & Treats- Confectioner of theYear 2021 – South Australia & LUXlife Customer Service Excellence Award 2021 40. François Godart- Champagne Producers of the Year- Grand Est 41. ATP Science- Best Sports Nutrition Brand 2021- Australia 42. Bevpax- Most Innovative Functional Beverage Manufacturer 2021 43. Woodstock Gin Company- Best Artisan Gin Brand 2021- South Africa

44. Downsview Dairy Produce Ltd- Best Family-Run Dairy Farm 2021 – Sussex & Leading Providers of High- Quality Ice Cream 2021- Sussex 45. Thames Side Brewery- Best Riverside Brewery- South East England 46. Azulete- Most Refined Mediterranean Dining Experience- Province of Malaga 47. BioNatal LLC- Black Seed Products Providers of the Year 2021 48. KANERYO Sea Vegetable CORP- Sea Vegetable Specialists of the Year 2021 49. FiGee Fine Goods- Best Imported Beverages Distributor 2021- Switzerland 50. Symphony’s Restaurant Pahrump- Best Semi-Formal Gourmet Dining Experience- Southwest USA 51. CLASS Restaurant Cocktail Bar- Cocktail Bar of the Year 2021- Rome 52. Juspy- Best Lifestyle Food Products Company- Europe 53. Greenheart Wellness LLC- Award for Excellence in Sustainable Beverage Production 2021 & Best Locally Sourced Healthy Juice Brand- Mid-Atlantic USA 54. Darling Brew- Craft Brewery of the Year 2021- Western Cape 55. My Gammie’s Ltd- Best Organic Vegan- Friendly Bakery- London 56. Pizza na Praia- Pizzeria of the Year 2021- Lisbon 57. Karine’s- Best ‘Free From ’Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant- Greater Toronto Area 58. Gasthaus Höhwald- Best Regional Cuisine Restaurant 2021- Canton of the Grisons 59. Skyline Catering Ltd- Wedding Caterers of the Year 2021- UK 60. Langham Vineyard Cafe- Best Casual Dining Venue 2021- Dorset & LUXlife Excellence Award for Handpicked Seafood Feasts 2021 61. Tenuta Delle Terre Nere- Best Sustainable Winery 2021- Sicily Italian Wine of the Year: Etna Rosso DOC Calderara Sottana Prephylloxera 62. OTC Beverages Limited- Best Traditional Caribbean Drink Company- London 63. Dr Nash Glyco Health- Health Food Shop of the Year 2021- West Wales 64. Karmer Pty Ltd- Best Chai Latte: Bondi Chai Latte 65. Destilla- Leading Innovators of Food Flavouring Solutions 2021 66. Seacorp Peru Sac- Best for Frozen Fresh Pacific Scallops- South America 67. Familienbetrieb Szemes- Best Family Owned A La Carte Restaurant- Vienna 68. Cuisine By Celine- Best Health & Wellness Culinary Services Provider- Southwest USA 69. Trio Restaurant- Most Vibrant New American Restaurant- Greater LA 70. County EPOS- Best F&B EPOS Solutions Provider 2021 71. Vanguard Renewables- Award for Excellence in Dairy Farm Sustainability and Best Food & Beverage Circular Economy Enterprise- USA 72. Second City Soil- LUXlife Sommelier of the Year 2021: Jon McDaniel 73. smÄak Natural Food- Best Healthy Fast Food Restaurant- Centre-Val de Loire 74. Lyspackaging- Best Compostable Vegetable Bottles Manufacturer 2021 75. Azienda Vinicola Talamonti SRL- Most Dynamic Boutique Wine Producers - Eastern Italy & Trebbiano of the Year 2021 76. Gelatys- Most Innovative Artisan Gelato Dessert Brand- USA 77. Beate & Reinmund Reiterer- 2021’s Best Gin Distillery- Austria

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Page 6 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards When it was founded in 1906, Kouvolan Lakritsi was a soft drink company called Papulan Vesitehdas, originally located in Viborg, but it had to relocate to the Russian side of the border due to the war. Following the war, there was a lack of raw material in Finland and as a result, the company couldn’t access what it needed to continue producing its soft drinks. However, the government was so kind as to give permit for it to buy liquorice raw material, and the rest is history. Since 1945, Kouvolan Lakritsi has been crafting the perfect liquorice by hand. Its recipe was altered slightly in the 1960s by English liquorice consultant, Mr Knoch, but it is still Kouvolan Lakritsi’s recipe. The flavour born out of the traditional production method, the right people, a polished recipe, armfuls of love, and a supply chain, guarantees the freshness of every piece of liquorice. The company’s products are then dispatched to its liquorice loving clients in the form of chains, importers, hypermarkets, supermarkets, smaller markets, special shops, companies, schools, and sports teams. Kouvolan Lakritsi is not just a company that produces liquorice, but it is a company all about love and happiness, passionate about confectionary and striving to provide comfort and joy to people through its products. Most other confectionary companies are huge giants that don’t have the same passion. Instead of bargaining raw materials, Kouvolan Lakritsi makes products with traditional craftmanship. Without a warehouse, every Sep21440 Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy Liquorice Manufacturer of the Year 2021 Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy has been making liquorice with love and the same refined recipe and traditional method since 1945. In light of the company being recognised within LUXlife’s Food and Drink Awards 2021, we take a closer look at how it’s got to where it is today, producing the finest liquorice in Finland. Page 7 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards bit of its liquorice is also freshly delivered to ensure the consumer receives only the very best every time. Additionally, many of the company’s rivals don’t take risks with their marketing and they are slow with their approach. On the flip side, Kouvolan Lakritsi does whatever it wants – fast and different. Rather than followers, it sees itself as a true trendsetter. And it has a real family atmosphere among its staff, with 35 people running the business. When it comes to new people joining the team, all it asks is that they know how to smile – the rest it can teach them. Recognised this year at number 76 in Taloustutkimus’ (economic research company) list of most respected brands in Finland, its easy to see that Kouvolan Lakritsi is a hit among liquorice fans. Alongside this, its custom has grown this year by 26%, spurring it on to keep growing and spreading the joy of liquorice. It has had a lot of foreign export discussions and is in the process of increasing its sales and marketing. The company is also now looking at how it can implement health trends in its products, while also developing oat liquorice gin cream liquor together with the company, Finnish Arctic Blue Gin. Company: Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy Contact: Timo Nisula Email: [email protected] Website:

Page 8 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards In 1881, Dr. Modest Furest, entrepreneur and mleading medical personality of the time, discovered the remarkable health benefits of the Vichy Catalan spring at Caldes de Malavella in the Girona province, north of Barcelona. The waters were unique in the region, being both carbonated and full of minerals, spontaneously springing up at 60ºC. With such incredible potential nestled beneath the earth, he decided to bring this amazing resource to people everywhere. The story that started in 1881 continues to this day. When Dr. Furest began the modern, industrial and scientific exploitation of these waters, he knocked the first domino that would lead to the thriving brand that exists today. With 140 years of good health behind them, the team at Vichy Catalan are proud to be market leaders when it comes to the premium water category. Their products are set apart by their exceptional quality, genuine flavour and undisputed mineral and medicinal properties. You’ve never had anything quite like it. Over nearly a century and a half, Vichy Catalan has adapted to the needs of the day, expanding its range of products to ensure that customers are always satisfied with what they are drinking. Satisfaction comes not only from the taste, but from the promise of high quality, healthy drinks that make a real difference to overall wellbeing. The success of Vichy Catalan comes from its mixing of old favourites with new innovations. The unmistakable Vichy Catalan Premium Tonic Water, a sugar-free tonic water with an elegant flavour and a gentle hint of mandarin, Sep21550 Vichy Catalan Best Mineral Water Brand - Europe Water, water everywhere – but no two sources of water are the same. Different quality, flavours and properties make this staple of our lives one with infinite variety. Worthy winners in LUXlife’s Food and Drink Awards 2021, we take a look at the incredible products from Vichy Catalan to see how they have elevated a common commodity to one which belongs to those who celebrate the lap of luxury. Page 9 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards has been a staple of the company for many years, delighting drinkers both as a solo drink and as a welcome addition to cocktails and mixed drinks. The popularity of this stalwart product is easily matched by perhaps the most exciting example from recent years is the Vichy Catalan Sugar-Free Flavors range. This exceptional addition is available now, with such popular flavours as orange, lemon, lemon-lime and mint on offer. The secret to these charming products, and the reason they stand above the rest of the crowd, is the scientific research that goes into developing every drop. As a company, Vichy Catalan has never stood still, with a strong commitment to innovation, research and the detailed exploration of water and the culture surrounding it in all its facets. This incredible knowledge, unique to the Vichy Catalan team, is why consumers love their products and topend health professionals praise their efforts. With such a scientific approach, it’s little wonder that the team has been bale to uncover numerous health benefits to drinking Vichy Catalan. Even back in the 1880s, Dr. Furest found the waters to be a tonic for the digestive system, and the ideal option for those who suffered from the pains of chronic inflammation. The experiences he went through and observed have now been confirmed by modern analytical techniques. The team at Vichy Catalan are more than simply providers of drinks. They’re explorers into the very nature of water itself. The team have conducted numerous studies, and supported independent researchers who want to understand for themselves the true wonders of what the region has to offer. Accounting to Spain’s Higher Scientific Research Council, Vichy Catalan carbonated natural mineral water has an astonishing impact on the human body, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease significantly. Regular consumption has the potential to reduce total cholesterol levels by almost 10% and LDL cholesterol, or bad cholesterol, by almost 15%. For these reasons, therefore, of incomparable taste and of impeccable health benefits, the Vichy Catalan brand has become one which is synonymous with quality. The team have never stopped striving to achieve the ultimate in what water can be. Their aim, dating all the way back to the efforts of Dr. Furest, is to bring their customers water that makes a real difference. Through a comprehensive program of innovation and technological development, they have been able to achieve this with aplomb. What started as a family business, therefore, has grown into an international enterprise which represents the best of what modern Spain has to offer. This incredible region offers far more than many have realised, which is how the team have been able to secure their commanding position on the market. Natural mineral waters have become more popular over the years, and this is due, in no small part, to the sterling efforts of the Vichy Catalan team. In a globalised world, the leading companies are often multinational entities, with no sense of local pride or quality. Vichy Catalan remains Spanish through and through, embracing the very specific and tenacious approach which has brought them such success over the years. For four generations, the business has been able to thrive, and set ht estage for the next to flourish as well. When thinking of Vichy Catalan, it’s worth thinking of how it has grown from a natural discovering in the woods to a successful business that sells around the world. What connects these two points, however, is a passion for the distinctive combinations of minerals and medicinal properties that people adore. There’s simply nothing like Vichy Catalan on the market, anywhere in the world. It is unique in every respect, from the range of products to the benefits of drinking them. We toast their success in the Food and Drink Awards and simply can’t wait to see what the team does next! Company: Vichy Catalan Name: Marta Català Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Page 10 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Founded in 2006, Eight Club prides itself as a 360 luxury members’ club offering high-level service and amenities. Everything at Eight Club has been hand-picked with each element designed by the founder and managing director, Brandon Kinsman himself, so it feels as though there is a personal touch. Eight Club members can work and rest in ‘relaxed sophistication’, enjoy said artwork that adorns the walls, or even make use of the high-end gym facilities and private meeting spaces. This is in addition to access to stylish bars and lounges and a wraparound rooftop terrace with panoramic views of the city. Members are typically city professionals and business owners who share the same similar passion for what they do, and they not only feel part of a club, but a community. As a member, they benefit from two hours’ complimentary use of meeting rooms per day, high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the facilities, and access to the club’s year-round social calendar. Up to three guests may accompany members on each visit to Moorgate and Bank, whilst its optional Virtual Office packages offer a prestigious London address for the client’s business collateral. Eight Club’s staff strive to provide only the most exceptional experience to members each and every time they visit, and their growth and development, along with their longevity is of great value to the company. Eight Club believes in nurturing the talent it has and it looks, in particular, at how it can Sep21136 Eight Club Best Private Dining & Lifestyle Club 2021 – South East England Nestled deep within the heart of the city of London lives luxury private members club, Eight Club. Boasting two hideaways in Bank and in Moorgate, as well as a brand-new leisure facility and fine-dining Modern European restaurant, Eight Club not only provides members with a luxury sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of London life, but it also provides all the trappings of a modern day working life. Page 11 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards help grow them into greater opportunities within the business. Eight Club is really proud that nearly all of its management stories are that of growth – its Bank club’s general manager started years ago as a runner, and its accounts team started as a bar back. When it comes to adding new staff to the team, Eight Club looks for someone with the right personality and work ethic rather than just focusing on their experience. It also looks for individuals who share the values of the brand and realise the importance of embodying that through their work. Alongside the customer service experience, food and beverage makes up a huge aspect of the member’s experience at Eight Club, whether that be fine dining in its Quartier restaurant, working lunches in its meeting rooms, event catering, or simply enjoying a drink or snack in the lounge. Making the venues safe was also high priority, as well as dealing with the unavoidable lockdown closures. That’s why it implemented health and safety measures from the moment members step onto the property with the installation of Steriports, a sterilisation gateway that provided head to toe sanitising for visitors, as well as temperature testing, regular staff testing and strict hygiene measures. Looking ahead, Eight Club has some exciting prospects in the pipeline. It is always looking at ways to grow and better its membership experience. What started off as a club in Bank 16 years ago has now flourished into two luxury establishments that centre around an idealistic lifestyle, and it just keeps growing following this year’s expansion of its meeting spaces, the launch of Core Café which serves healthy dishes, and the launch of its brandnew state-of-the-art gym. Company: Eight Club Contact: Annabelle Gely Email: [email protected] Website:

Page 12 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards V-Label allows companies in food, beverage, hospitality, textile, shoe, and other accessories industries to promote their products with safety and reliability. It is ultimately a distinguishing mark which confirms to consumers that a product is approved 100% suitable for vegetarians and vegans. For approval, a product has to be compliant to V-Label’s very strict criteria and only 100% vegetarian and vegan products can obtain it. If a product is compliant, V-Label will release a licence to the producer. It does not accept self-declaration – it wants to check and ensure the product is compliant to its standards. If anything isn’t 100% compliant or there are risk factors, the company will manage an inspection onsite by a third party qualified inspector. If a product isn’t compliant, V-Label will reject it even if it means a loss in terms of money – the company’s credibility is much more important than business. And should rejection occur, V-Label is happy to help the producer to make the product eligible – sometimes just a few changes in the production methods are enough. Helping manufacturers to reach their consumers by offering products that are compliant to V-Label’s standards is one the company’s missions. V-Label works with the aim to be trustable and reliable, with seriousness being its pride. Companies working with certifications must develop high standards and make sure the approved products actually adhere to the guidelines provided. For its companies, Sep21470 V-Label Italia Srl Recognised Leaders in Vegan & Vegetarian Certification 2021 The V-Label trademark was developed by the Italian Vegetarian Association in the 1970s and the design was first presented internationally at the first European Vegetarian Congress, held in Italy in 1985. The distinct leaf symbol has since been recognised as a trusted label, and it is respected worldwide. Today, V-Label is the most well-known vegetarian and vegan symbol globally. Page 13 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards V-Label loves to provide extra services – For example, many companies are not always familiar with who its consumers are. That’s why it’s fundamental to guide them to learn how to promote themselves as well as know how to communicate correctly with vegetarian and vegan consumers. During the pandemic, V-Label was having to work even harder to guarantee the same high quality to both producers and consumers because of the restrictions that were in place. With the restrictions and an increasing number of requests for approval coming through as more manufacturers became more aware of what consumers want, V-Label did everything in its power to keep to its high standards, while respecting all the restrictions in place across countries. This couldn’t all happen without the dedication of V-Label’s staff, with their precision in work that requires a certain level of accuracy. Not only does V-Label look for precision in staff, but also curiosity, which leads people to investigate and want to know more about something – this is crucial in the field. In the V-Label team, there are experts about different topics and the company strongly encourages information sharing with there always being something new to examine and learn about. Additionally, V-Label promotes socialisation among staff members so as to work in harmony. In V-Label’s field, development and improvement is crucial. It is always working to remain up-to-date in terms of food industry and different consumer needs. The company has recently added a “raw vegan” category, as in many markets, this was a real need that it is now able to satisfy. Now a very international mark, V-Label is available in over 70 countries in the world and every year it is adding new sections of its website addressed to new nations, with the latest being the United Arab Emirates. Indeed, the company is on a mission to become much more international than it already currently is. It is a market leader, but to keep this position, it needs to continue working hard, offering more services and keeping its reputation high. Company: V-Label Italia Srl Contact: Sophia Somaschi Email: [email protected] Website:

Page 14 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards GLCC Co. was founded by Jonathan Davis (President) in September 1996 and has perfected its substantial business by providing a unique blend of 100% juice WONFs, which are matches for expensive juice concentrates. Moreover, the company makes a wide range of wine bases for making fruit wine, encapsulated flavors designed especially for baking, and clouding agents. GLCC is a premium flavor house specializing in producing flavors, juice blends and providing its customers with R&D to create unique products. The company has many standardized products and offers its services to customize beverages to suit their individual needs. GLCC is a relatively small company employing approximately 30 people, and although its sales are primarily in the US, there is a growing export business to Canada. Moreover, products ship from British Columbia to Puerto Rico, Maine to California, South Korea, Europe, and the Caribbean. Its head office and primary production and warehouse facility (approx. 36,000 ft2) is located at 39149 W. Red Arrow Highway, Paw Paw, MI, 49079, with an additional sales office in suburban Chicago and central Florida. For GLCC, flavors are the primary focus of the company. Jonathan Davis is the President and the chief flavor chemist, and therefore the company has a technical Oct21022 GLCC Co. Best Natural Extract Beverage Flavor Company- Midwest USA orientation based on matching and developing flavors. Due to long experience and a lot of in-house talent, GLCC is exceptionally good at matching branded products and creating new beverages for the industry. Furthermore, GLCC can supply straight flavors and pre-blends for those seeking to find the most efficient and cost-effective way to blend and pack products. This means that the formulae it provides are functional and accurate. It takes on significant quality assurance responsibilities in supplying blends to customers - assuring that finished products will match approved standards. Additionally, GLCC isn’t interested in glossy brochures or any marketing shtick; its focus is to work with R&D and product development departments with its customers and shave the expense account in favor of the R&D budget. Overall, it aims to offer R&D to help identify solutions for customers with new and existing products. GLCC is continuously looking to produce new, valuable products before its customers know they need them. GLCC offers standard products to meet customers immediate needs but is always willing to work with customers who need a deep dive into developing products. The company can serve any aspect of the beverage industry and has been deemed the best in its field, slowly incorporating its products with many companies across the globe. During the outbreak of COVID-19, GLCC saw a considerable increase in demand for its wine bases and products associated with breweries. However, one of the company’s challenges because of the pandemic has been keeping supply up for the demand of products. Like most of the world, GLCC has faced many challenges getting raw ingredients in to produce the products our customers need. However, with pure drive and dedication, GLCC is ready to keep up with its customers’ needs and supply delicious and affordable flavors. Overall the goal for GLCC is to gain more success: the company has plenty of projects with various customers that they’re helping to launch. While it might not be what the consumer market sees, GLCC has had its hand in helping plenty of companies get their products from an idea to a finished product. After its recent recognition with the Southern Enterprise Awards 2021, GLCC has truly pushed through the industry, making a name for itself within its field as the best in the business.” Company Name: GLCC Co. Contact Name: Robert Leatherman Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] GLCC Co. is a schedule C corporation incorporated in Michigan. The company is a flavor house that primarily supplies flavors to the beverage and alcohol industries and flavors for candy and baking. GLCC has been deemed the best natural extract beverage flavor company in the Midwest, and it’s no surprise when they provide a delicious blend of flavors and juice concentrates. Page 15 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Janet Coghlan established Coghlans at Barningham to focus on premium quality food and service in all aspects of hospitality and catering. Deemed as the best tearoom of the year in County Durham, Janet oversees the chefs and bakers that makeup Coghlans at Barningham and adds her creative styling to product packaging and presentation. Coghlans at Barningham Tea Rooms of the Year 2021 - County Durham Sep21897 Coghlans at Barningham opened the door to their tearoom in May 2016. For Janet Coghlan, this felt like a natural progression and personal desire, having had many years of experience in 5* hotels and top-level hospitality celebration events like weddings, birthdays, and corporate functions. Janet states, “It is a true pleasure to work with our clients, who can range anywhere from bride and groom to CEOs of large companies as being able to design and deliver a memorable celebration is a reward.” Janet Coghlan has spent over 30 years in the hospitality business, starting at the five-star Turnberry resort in Ayrshire and diversifying into the front of house management for the swallow hotel group, including opening their five-star Birmingham hotel. Since then, Janet has focused on her own business, initially at the highly-rated Manor House restaurant with rooms near Sheffield and opening Coghlans Cookery School in 2002. Janet is supported by her husband Andrew, with over 30 years of experience managing in the five-star sector and an experienced broadcaster on his specialist subject of wine and champagne. Coghlans at Barningham is an innovative premium catering and hospitality company with a small team that can respond flexibly to its customers’ needs. Janet explains, “Our small team work tirelessly to create that special extra dimension to a dinner party, a large function or the simplest of bread baked daily at the artisan bakery. That same passion for quality has been applied to our newest venture, meals in fields, offering premium lunches on the moors for grouse pheasant and sporting lunches.” Drawing on a wealth of experience in the food industry, Janet and her team at Coghlans always aim to deliver the best in food and service. “We feel that both have to be as good as each other, so the customer feels they are receiving a complete experience. We use local ingredients and bake everything on-site, so it is fresh, and our service delivery is designed to make it a memorable occasion.” Over the last 18 months, the sector has been tested to its limit. “At Coghlans, we are proud to say that we managed to keep all staff employed despite the closing of the tearoom. Through the desire and need to keep operating, we started an online and telephone delivery service. Offering a whole range of goods and meals to the area,” states Janet. The outcome of this enabled Coghlans to offer its extraordinary dining experience at the home of its customers. Janet continues, “The way we designed the service meant we could adapt any meals to suit the personal tastes and needs of the customer. As a result, we were overwhelmed by our response at Christmas and New Year, which proved a big hit! This style of service also allowed us to deliver our afternoon teas to homes all over the Teesdale, Teesside, Darlington areas.” The staff that represent Coghlans at Barningham are chosen for their ability to interact with the customer comfortably. Coghlans offers training and development to all staff and encourages anyone to progress in the company. “As a company, we project a friendly, warm persona and encourage our team to pass this quality on to whomever they serve. We want everyone at Coghlans, from customers to staff, to know that they matter,” states Janet. As a company, Coghlans is always looking for the next new thing, whatever it may be, which keeps them up to date on trends in the food industry. As for its delivery service, which was born during the lockdown, Coghlans would like to develop it further by expanding its meal choices and delivery areas. At Coghlans, the words it would like to emphasise is ‘local produce and quality.’ Janet explains, “We are keen to support our local farmers and producers of dairy goods, meat, fish and chocolate, which we also sell in our shop. We source ingredients as close to our postcode as we possibly can, so our customers receive the best of our local area.” Coghlan’s contribution to the local producers helps support their business and makes its customers aware of what is available to them. Company Name: Coghlans at Barningham Contact Name: Janet Coghlan Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]

Page 16 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Regarded as the best ethical coffee company of the year within the Nordic region, Danish Coffee Aps carefully selects its beans so that its customers only get the best; whole beans without any defects, free from insect attacks and is vegan friendly. Over the past 13 years, Danish Coffee has actively taken part in reaching sustainable development goals, starting in 2007 with the company launching multiple projects in Africa. CEO Lars Bendix explains, “We started a close cooperation with 932 farmer families on Mount Elgon in Uganda. Our vision is to help farmer families improve their skills in growing and selling the coffee they plant. In the entire project, mutual respect has been an important aspect of our cooperation, and we feel that this respect is noticeable in all Danish Coffee products.” Danish Coffee is proud to have invented ICEDespresso and has protected the name ICEDespresso together with the bottle’s design in the coffee category. Lars states, “We are the first in the world to produce this product and knowing that coffee is the next biggest commodity after oil, we stand out among this huge category.” The company can serve hand-brewed espresso already sweetened with its sirup - direct from a bottle. The only thing customers need is ice cubes and their favourite milk. “The HORECA segment has appreciated this concept as it is quick, it is less expensive than a traditional iced latte and most of all, it’s delicious,” states Lars. The excellent quality of all Danish Coffee products leaving its roastery is secured by its most valued employees who recognise Aug21099 Danish Coffee Aps Ethical Coffee Company of the Year 2021 - Nordic Region good coffee and good quality overall. “We are social entrepreneurs, which means that it is important for us to create a work environment that includes employees who are valued and respected so that they can work happily,” states Lars. Additionally, at its roastery, all employees are given a chance to develop and reach their full potential. Danish Coffee wants to contribute to making the world a better place; Lars explains, “It is in our DNA to make sure that employees, customers, and partners alike are happy with the products and services offered them by us.” Moreover, Danish Coffee has been breaking through the industry with its innovative, delicious, and sustainable products -being recognised several times for its efforts within the field. “In 2012, we won the CSR Global Partnership award, in 2018, the Paul Harris Fellow Rotary Award, and in 2019, we won the title ‘the CSR Company of the Year’ in Randers Municipality. We’re thrilled that we have added to this by winning the 2021 Food and Drink award- being named as the best ethical coffee company of the year. Currently, Its mission for 2022 is to finish its new facilities (Randers SDG Universe) in Randers Sporby and wants to inspire companies, start-ups, investors, and universities to visit Danish Coffee. “We want to give them an experience from our daily work in the coffee market, and in the same way help them to see how you can use the SDG goals in their own company.” The future is bright for the company; with its incredible product and ethos, Danish Coffee plans to grow with companies that support SDG goals and use the goals actively in their daily life and strategy. “Together with Red Cross in Kenya (Boma pan Africa), we are setting up a partnership. We are starting to produce ICEDespresso to the local Kenyan market at the beginning of 2022. Also, in Uganda, we are starting up a partnership with Great Lake Coffee with the same strategy as in Kenya. Finally, we start production in Nepal together with Alpine Coffee Estate in Katmandu.” Company Name: Danish Coffee Aps Contact Name: Lars Bendix Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] The heart of Danish Coffee Aps is at its artisan roastery within the city of Randers, located in mainland Denmark. Its coffee roasting is a handcraft that has also evolved to include ICEDespresso and ICEDtea. Both drinks are brewed from all-natural raw materials and are created from sustainable coffee grown by its farmers. Sep21698 Page 17 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Located in the busy seaside town of Bude, Potters is owned and run by chef, Oly Clarke and his wife, Nikki, showcasing fresh, seasonal and carefully sourced local produce. Its doors open early evening to a refined and relaxing dining experience, serving exceptional food and drinks, delivering a unique experience, and going that extra mile to put smiles on faces. Potters Bude Ltd Best Fine Dining Restaurant 2021Cornwall & LUXlife Culinary Excellence Award 2021: Afternoon Tea Aug21136 In January 2020, Oly and Nikki Clarke made the decision to follow their dream to open Potters, but just two months later, the pandemic hit. After careful consideration, they decided to forge ahead and they collected the keys to the premises in June 2020. Previously a café, they, along with the help of local tradesmen and trade-related businesses, spent nearly two months renovating the space and kitchen to reflect their vision. In late July 2020, they opened a contemporary, relaxed and sophisticated restaurant and drinks lounge for Bude to be proud of. During the process of bringing their dream to life, Oly and Nikki worked closely with a professional graphic designer who helped to tell their story, to make Potters stand out, and to communicate what it stands for. A simple, pared-back identity was created that puts the food at the front and centre. This simple, understated visual aesthetic extends across the Potters premises, menus and website. Menus and bills are presented on hand-crafted FSC certified wooden boards, with matching materials used to build its unique, handmade cocktail bar. It is a look that Oly and Nikki are really proud of, and it’s something that customers regularly comment on. Meanwhile, due to the restrictions, Potters was only allowed to remain fully open for approximately six months from its opening. Not disheartened and remaining committed to serving the very best produce it can get its hands on, Potters in January 2021 temporarily adapted to a pop-up fish and chip shop. Named Potters Fish ‘N’ Things, it proved a success, and saw a busy 12 weeks during what was a trying time for the hospitality industry. Back open to full capacity as a restaurant in May this year, Potters has remained that way with a consistent, fully booked evening service averaging 40 covers a night. To accommodate for the demand, it increased its service hours from 6pm-9pm to 5pm-9.30pm and opens an extra evening each week. Despite this increased output, Oly and Nikki are confident that Potters’ value and service is only ever increasing in quality. Guests to Potters can expect a relaxed fine dining experience with walls adorned with local art and photography and a menu that all ages can enjoy. It runs a seasonal a la carte menu, as well as a popular ‘Taste of Cornwall’ menu which offers everyone the opportunity to try Oly and Nikki’s tasty picks at a value-conscious price. Potters prides itself on using only the very best local and seasonal produce it can find. It is committed to supporting local independent business wherever possible, and it is building strong, sustainable relationships with its suppliers in the process, while doing all it can to promote their businesses across its social media channels. Alongside this, on its menus, it displays a map of Cornwall which lists the names and locations of many of its suppliers from across the county. Potters’ hard work isn’t going unnoticed. Michelin visited the restaurant earlier in the year, and as a result, it was delighted to hear that it’ll feature in the 2021/22 guide. And to top off what’s been a great year so far, Potters is currently the number two restaurant on TripAdvisor in Bude, and it has even welcomed Sir Tom Jones to dine on one occasion this summer – What a true gent! Going forward, Oly and Nikki are planning to continue to develop and deliver their vision for Potters – They feel like they are only just getting going! They will maintain their commitment to keeping things local, to looking after their staff, to sustainability, and to quality and service. And following the success of Potters Fish ‘N’ Things, Oly and Nikki are on the hunt for the perfect location to open a dedicated fish and chip shop – When they find the right place and they are feeling confident they can uphold the standard at Potters, they’ll take the plunge! Also, Potters has supported a number of local charities and fundraisers since opening, and this is something Oly and Nikki plan to put more time and effort towards in the future. For example, they are hosting an evening beginning of 2022, in support of Jay’s Aim, a local Bude-based charity with the goal of reducing the rate of sudden cardiac death among young people in the Southwest of England. Potters will keep looking for new and engaging ways to give back to its community. Sep21693 Company: Potters Bude Ltd Email: [email protected] Website:

Page 18 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Our passion for making something better every day, enjoying the journey, and creating raving fans made us wonder what else we could do with our shiny toys in one of Vietnam’s biggest independent breweries. We were sick of seeing plastic trash everywhere, so created beWater™, SE Asia’s first canned water with regional collection and recycling. And with so many succulent fruits here we launched Vietnam’s first real hard seltzer, Sundowners™. Totally low-cal, 100% organic, and GMO and gluten free. Stack that on top of our state-of-the art regional distribution platform that we’ve opened up to all craft beverages brands, food, apparel, and more, we’re creating a revolution. We believe in rethinking how we drink to empower the craft community, make sustainability sexy, seamless, and easy for everyone to enjoy. Oh, and shout out to LUXLife for awarding us Best Craft Beverage Company in Vietnam 2021. We love you guys! We define craft as a trifecta of creativity, community, and collaboration, which distils down to a perfect marriage of beverage and brand that creates a moment of lift off when Aug21158 Winking Seal Beer Co. Recrafting Craft Beverages. Best Craft Beverage Company - Vietnam atoms and art collide in a glass igniting a perfect storm. And that perfect storm creates positive change. From connecting brewers from Slovenia to Singapore to create Coffee Durian Saisons to innovation that brings together partners like the world’s biggest aluminum can company, Ball Corporation, with governments, NGOs, and end consumers to eliminate single-use plastics. The beverage eco-system we’ve built is a lean, mean, but sprawling machine that’s creating a paradigm shift in what craft is by asking the simple question, “How we make this better together?” And then bringing partners together to get it done. In Vietnam, in Singapore, in Hong Kong, in Taiwan, in Japan, in the Maldives. We are good, we’re working our asses off to do good, and we like us, our partners, and our fans looking good while doing it. We are comfortable getting uncomfortable and knowing that if we’re not continuously changing, evolving, and improving - we’re not fulfilling our potential and, man, there’s so much of that here. What’s next? We’ve already gone beyond beer, beyond beWater™, beyond… well, that’s for next year ;) Hit us up to find out more and get in on this journey. Company Name: Winking Seal Beer Co.™ Contact Name: Craig Haggart Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Named after our co-founder’s childhood teddy, a seal who lost an eye through years of love, Winking Seal Beer Co.™ began with a dare over drinks in Saigon in 2016. Half a decade in, we never imagined that our growing group of faux-boho, business savvy, craft beer lovers would deliver on that dare. And we didn’t stop there. Sep21548 Page 19 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards There is nothing more comforting than a good, hot, homecooked meal and even better – when it’s made by someone else. Acknowledged as the Best Traditional Irish Pub in North Carolina, Dugans Pub brings a little bit of Ireland to your plate, but with the same hospitality you’d expect from family. Dugans Pub Irish Comfort in North Carolina & Best Traditional Irish Pub - North Carolina Aug21193 Located in the heart of golf country, Pinehurst, NC, USA, Dugans Pub awaits, serving wonderfully authentic and traditional Irish Pub food along with the addition of some Americanised classics and incredible cocktails. Restored by the current proprietors, the pub is divided between two floors, with its traditional Irish pub and cuisine being on the top floor with another pub below. Renowned for being the Best Traditional Irish Pub in North Caroline, Dugans has one of the largest selections of import draft and single malt scotches in Pinehurst, as well as a complete wine list, extensive cocktail menu and service that is incomparable. The pub is cross between comforting, homecooked, authentic Irish and American cuisine with a fun and welcoming atmosphere that can only be described as delightfully family-like. Even without its incredible menu selection, Dugans offers Karaoke nights as well as live entertainment all through the weekend. Customers will line up for the food, enjoy a pint or two of their tastefully imported draft beers and stay for lively entertainment, an excellent way to kick off the weekend or unwind after a long day at work. Whilst food, fun, and smiles are at the top of Dugan’s business ethos, its participation in supporting the local community. Owner Alan Riley explains, “We have over 1,000 kids in a BackPack program, we support year long. This year we have also adopted the Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC, raising hundreds of pounds of food along the way. Additionally, we were fortunate enough to team up with ‘Feed the Fight’ this year, feeding frontline medical workers at our local hospitals and facilities.” The most traditional thing you can do as an Irish pub is to aid in the community’s welfare; after all, hospitality, community, and good food are the Irish’s entire essence – that and a great pint of Guinness. Dungan’s is located near the local village shops within Pinehurst, an optimal area for a post shop food break, a late-night cocktail or a mid-week brunch stop, with various stores, hotels and inns alongside it. Within its 23 years of operation, Dugans has won five National Neighborhood awards from the North Carolina Restaurant Association and American Express. In addition to the restaurant’s successful reputation, Alan has also won Humanitarian of the Year and Pinehurst Citizen of the Year. The last 18 months have been tremendously difficult for many businesses, especially within the hospitality sector with the constant fluctuation of opening and closing; Dugans has been positive throughout. Initially, the pub turned into a pickup/delivery service during the beginning of the pandemic, like many restaurants chose to do and ended up seeing a rise to 75% capacity recently as restrictions have slowly been lifted. Thankfully, Alan and his team have managed to keep up with demand and whilst there have been some food item shortages across the industry, he keeps a positive heart towards the situation. He continues to encourage a sense of community – inside and outside the pub business. “We believe in family, with members having been here between ten years and as long as 23. So we try to recruit dedicated, service-oriented individuals that know how to take care of our guests, just as you would family,” states Alan, as family, friendship, and community are an integral part of the Irish and American culture. Company Name: Dugans Pub Contact Name: Alan Riley Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Sep21524