Food & Drink Awards 2021 Page 69 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Sep21174 Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic brought about great turbulence to the hospitality industry, it also brought about great change. We speak to restaurateur, Tony Marchese, about the opportunities that arose for him and his company. Trio Restaurant Most Vibrant New American Restaurant – Greater LA 512 Trio Restaurant has been a local favourite since it was first opened in 2009 by Tony Marchese who renovated a historic mid-century bank building in Palm Springs’ Fashionable Uptown Design District to create the eatery, which is now known for its great energy. It was more recently however, in 2021, that Tony teamed up with Executive Chef Jennifer Town to offer a new and vibrant menu with some fantastic surprises. “Our combined love for the simplicity of fresh ingredients complimenting each other is what has inspired us to create a restaurant that honours our amazing American food with twists of our Italian heritage,” Tony explains. “Both having the love for Italian food, our interpretation of old-school Italian food reminds me of the home I left in Chicago. We feel food connects and it gives life.” At Trio Restaurant, the main aim is to bring people together with timeless dishes and exceptional service with a sincere appreciation for the neighbourhood’s continued support. From the moment you walk into Trio, the vibe is inviting from the enticing blend of music to the fusion of the cuisines on offer, to the colourful décor. “Trio is ‘Where Palm Springs EATS!’”, enthuses Tony. “The food is great quality and yummy, and my staff are all hardworking people. They work as team to support and respect one another. They understand that we are only as good as our next meal – I instil this in them from the beginning. They have fun and make our guests feel comfortable as well as giving amazing customer service.” There’s no mistaking that the Covid-19 pandemic that rocked the world was devastating for many people and businesses across the globe, and none felt it more keenly than the hospitality industry. However, for Tony, it brought about great opportunities as well. “For me and Trio, it was the best thing that happened,” he explains. “I was able to stop and reflect on what we had to change in order to stay in the game. We were closed for seven months in total, so I took this time to remodel the dining room to be more Covid-friendly, and also to reduce the menu to become more profitable as a business.” Tony pivoted and started a brand new business, CV Harvest Box, with local farmer and friend, Mark Tadros. The rationale behind this was to bring fresh local produce directly from the farm to customer’s front doors. Whilst it was initially started to keep people at home and safe during the lockdowns, as well as highlighting the great produce that local farmers can offer to thew community, it has since grown to become a successful company in its own right and is now run by Tony alongside Trio. Having recently been awarded the impressive accolade of Most Vibrant New American Restaurant – Greater LA, 2021, it seems that the future is on the up for Trio and Tony, who looks forward to further building his catering division and continuing g the serve the local community with quality food and exceptional service. Contact Details Contact: Tony Marchese Company: Trio Restaurant Web Address: