Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 34 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Describing themselves as “flavourists”, owners Sara and Rob Sergent curate grains, woods, berries, fruits and roots, carefully determining the perfect aromatic and taste profiles, to craft their award-winning portfolio. Whiskey is crafted with respect to Rob’s Kentucky lineage using various mash bills, whilst Sara brings a passion for botanicals to both the core spirits, custom private label gins and its gin making experience. “Our efforts mirror the values of our community: Adventurous, Innovative and Authentic,” enthuses Sara. The distillery’s whiskey range meets the demands of modern whiskey drinkers. With flavour profiles, aromas and proofs that are rooted in Rob’s family history and crafted in his handmade American Pot Still. “Our grains are sourced from the finest US farms, and we source Kentucky Bourbon yeast for fermentations to ensure that only the highest quality spirit is distilled and then aged in toasted, American Oak barrels,” Rob elaborates. “We use four mash bills: 100% Corn, Corn/Wheat/Barley, Corn/Barley and 100% Malted Barley for our award-winning portfolio and work closely with two cooperages for our Appalachian Oak and Arkansas Oak barrels.” But perhaps the most famed of all of the distillery’s drinks is its signature Lafayette Spiced Bourbon Whiskey. The history of spiced whiskies dates back to the earliest days of Kentucky distilling and this stone fruit interpretation has won accolades in numerous Sep21498 Alpine Distilling Best Craft Spirit Distillery – Utah & Most Innovative Craft Bourbon (USA): Lafayette Spiced Bourbon Whiskey international tasting competitions, including the Consumer Choice Award at SIP. However, the most recent prestigious title bestowed upon it was Most Innovative Craft Bourbon in the USA by LUXlife. Rob tells us more about this masterpiece, “A blend of Kentucky Bourbon with apricot, primrose and cinnamon brings a delightful balance of sweet and spice to your cocktail creation - or, as many do, the perfect flask whiskey.” As well as its award-winning whiskey, the distillery also specialises in gin courtesy of Sara, who holds a diploma in gin from Scotland and represents the best in modern, innovative botanical distilling. Seeking to craft the best American Gin, Sara roots her process in the classic principle of “only the best” and sources botanicals from around the world which are treated to 100% vapour extraction at a proprietary proof, pressure, and speed to craft a gin that has been awarded double gold recognition in London, New York and California. Balancing roots, fruits and berries whilst eliminating the common floral botanicals, Sara distils a spirit that is approachable, complex and avoids the “perfumy” aspect that turns off many would-be gin drinkers. “When I choose to use florals, as in our Lily Lake Hibiscus Gin, the effect is direct and specific to a select portion of the taste experience,” says Sara. It is this dedication and teamwork of husband and wife working side by side that has seen Alpine Distillery clinch a second prestigious accolade from LUXlife, this being the title of Best Craft Spirit Distillery – Utah. “We believe that time with friends, family and loved ones is valuable and that a well-crafted spirit has the power to ‘lubricate’ those moments in to lasting memories,” enthuses Sara. “That is our sweet spot - providing something complex yet inviting, rich yet versatile, hand-crafted yet reachable. These moments define a life well lived.” Contact: Rob and Sara Sergent Company: Alpine Distilling Web Address: Alpine Distilling is a locally owned distillery, operated by the dynamic distilling team consisting of Rob and Sara Sergent, as well as Chief Executive Gerry Ruvo. Founded in 2017, in their hometown of Park City, Utah, Rob and Sara have worked tirelessly to craft their custom drinks ever since.