Food & Drink Awards 2021 Page 35 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Yacht Club Punta Del Este, a prestigious and highly exclusive yacht club in South America that has made a name for itself in the way it treats its customers with diligence, respect, and deference, is excited to be once again opening its doors to its members. With the tumult of the past 18 months ending, it wishes to reassure its customers old and new that they will be able to expect the same comprehensive excellence that they have come to love about the yacht club, each staff member having worked incredibly hard to make the club and restaurant better than ever in order to receive them. Yacht Club Punta Del Este Seafood Restaurant of the Year 2021 - Southeast Uruguay Sep21447 Having been founded almost a century ago, the Yacht Club Punta Del Este has generated a significant amount of prestige over the years, born from its ability to understand its market segment, and to adapt to their changing needs. Fundamentally, it’s been an exclusive club since its founding, operating on a ‘members only’ procedure that has allowed it to maintain a highly curated guest list, and a prestigious, luxury feel throughout every service it provides to its guests. Part of the team – and one of the people dedicated to ensuring this remains the case – is Ricardo Guillemette, the manager of food and beverage at the club since 2015. His efforts have been instrumental in ensuring that the club’s notoriety is not only for the services of the wider yacht club, but also for the seafood restaurant within its walls that each of its clients laud as exemplary, and each of whom look forward to going back to, allowing it to cultivate a vast myriad of return customers. In essence, its refined customers expect the best of the best. Boasting incredibly positive reviews across a multitude of third-party review sites, this restaurant’s welcoming interior has been carefully crafted with warm-tone lighting that compliments the redwood aesthetic of the tables and chairs, each of which provide comfortable and plentiful seating around place settings that use the best cutlery and glasses. The wine glasses have been well thought through in and of themselves, so that the reserves the Punta Del Este serves have plentiful room to breathe, and the restaurant allows a beautiful view of the wider bay area, contrasting the warm tones of the room with the shimmering blue of the Uruguayan waters. Punta Del Este invites its guests to relax and enjoy delicious foods that have each been carefully selected and composed by its experts. Indeed, under the direction of Ricardo Guillemette, the menu has flourished into something that promises every guest will find something they can fall in love with, serving seafood, Mediterranean, and international foods that will always bring the ‘wow factor’. Serving the discerning patrons of Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Europe, it consistently aims to achieve excellence by treating every guest as though they were a member of its family; therefore, patrons of the Punta Del Este can always rest assured that their every need will be well taken care of, from dietary restrictions to answering questions about what wine pairs best with what foods. Additionally, working within such a competitive industry, the Punta Del Este’s dedication to go above and beyond the call of duty for its clients is second to none. It is totally committed to maintaining this, offering the most high-end summer options in the South American vacation industry, constantly striving to rise to the challenge of each changing season and to adapt itself to the needs of its market. Recently, this has meant adaptation in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. It worked hard to retain its historically high standard during these times, its exemplary staff rallying together to put their incredibly levels of training and education to the task of helping the Punta Del Este pull through all trials and tribulations. Now, it is excited to welcoming customers old and new through its doors once more, happy to see people flocking through its doors once again and taking a moment to thank each and every one of them for their patronage. Company: Yacht Club Punta Del Este Contact: Ricardo Guillemette Website: