Food & Drink Awards 2021 Page 75 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Sep21174 Azienda Vinicola Talamonti SRL is a family estate that is known for its delicious and sustainably produced wines. The wine is created from over 75 hectares of estate vineyards and olive groves within the village of Loreto Aprutino in central Italy, which is found under the estates of Talamonti, Ilauri and Colle Corviano estates, all recognised winery professionals. With its wines available in over 50 countries globally, Azienda is recognised as the Most Dynamic Boutique Wine Producers in Eastern Italy. Azienda Vinicola Talamonti SRL Most Dynamic Boutique Wine Producers - Eastern Italy & Trebbiano of the Year 2021 Oct 62 Established in 2001, Azienda Vinicola Talamonti SRL is a family-run vineyard known for its sustainable farming and winemaking. Since its initial opening, Talamonti has firmly believed that growing the finest quality grapes and crafting the best wine can only be achieved through consideration and care for the land and its people. President of Talamonti, Rodrigo Redmont, explains, “Our commitment to environmental stewardship, the equitable treatment of our employees and supporting our local community is part of our DNA and certified by third-party certifications.” Since 2015 the vineyard has been a fully certified SNQPI (the Italian National Certification program). The Redmont-Di Tonno family has chosen to source energy exclusively from wind turbine farms and solar panels, thus generating 100% of the power needed to run the winery and bottling operations. An environmentally friendly and sustainable business ethos that drives the vineyard, the company, and the family to success. Furthermore, all of the wines produced are Agroqualità Vegan certified and hold IFS and BRC Food Safety Certification, which is prestigious and difficult to earn as an internationally accepted standard of food. First certified in 2018, Talamonti has the highest offered rating of grade ‘A’ and annually continues its high-quality safety measures and food standards, exceeding requirements and guideline specifications from the BRC. Talamonti focuses on the specific key elements that aid in the growth and success of the company, firstly by diversifying the business by having a female-led winery that is undergoing GEEIS Diversity certification for gender equality along with home and work-life balance. Moreover, the family-owned and operated business is heavily involved in sustainable farming certifications for environmental stewardship and promotes 100% renewable energy sourced from solar and wind. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Italian wine industry was significantly affected. The industry’s future is in crisis if it does not adapt to the digital experience provided by social media, e-commerce and online aspects of the modern world. The industry’s downfall became apparent due to the pandemic, with less travelling and vineyards needing to promote through digital means. Although, the pandemic eventually allows Talamonti to reset and focus on new customer development, which has gained extensive with excellent results. Henceforth, the business then signed on over 36 new exclusive importers onboard its network in 2021. “The time created by the pandemic allowed us to rebrand our packaging for two estates – Talamonti and Ilauri, which were fundamental for a quick recovery this year following the challenges of 2020,” states Rodrigo. Currently, at Talamonti, the focus is on the overall hospitality within Loreto Aprutino. The business plans to refurbish a historic mansion to include luxury suites, a wine bar with artisanal spirits and extraordinary wines, artisanal ice cream and pastries, and coffee roasting to create a complete Italian experience. In addition to this passionate idea, Talamonti is in the works of being an organic conversion for an exclusive range of wines that are aged in terracotta amphoras. A delicious experience offered only at the Most Dynamic Boutique Wine Producers in Eastern Italy. Company Name: Azienda Vinicola Talamonti SRL Contact Name: Rodrigo Redmont Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]