Food & Drink Awards 2021 Page 71 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Sep21174 Recognized within LUX Life’s Food and Drink Awards for its excellence, Vanguard Renewables pioneers solutions for reducing food and beverage waste, which in turn can be regenerated into valuable renewable energy. The company offers a path to repurposing food and beverage waste and packaged products to enable food manufacturers and retailers to keep up with sustainability and net-zero initiatives. Vanguard Renewables Award for Excellence in Dairy Farm Sustainability & Best Food & Beverage Circular Economy Enterprise - USA 445 Founded in 2014 by John Hanselman and Kevin Chase, Vanguard Renewables aims to change the world views waste by developing food and dairy waste-to-renewable energy projects. Vanguard is dedicated to advancing decarbonization in food and dairy by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from farms and food and beverage waste and supporting regenerative agriculture practices on partner farms. Vanguard recycles organic waste as a renewable energy source to power homes, businesses, and communities. Additionally, by reducing on-farm methane emissions and providing a diversified income stream for farmers, the company envisions a goal to sustain farms for future generations and create beneficial products that support regenerative agriculture. Founder and Chief Strategy Officer John Hanselman states, “Our established renewable natural gas offtake agreements with national utilities and our strategic alliance with 14,500-member dairy cooperative Dairy Farmers of America position the Company to significantly impact U.S. production and delivery of renewable natural gas to commercial and residential customers nationwide.” To its accreditation, Vanguard was presented with the Energy Vision Leadership Award in 2020 for its Farm Powered anaerobic digester at the Goodrich Family Farm in Salisbury, Vermont. It was additionally awarded the Outstanding Dairy Sustainability Award in 2021 for its forward-thinking dairy sustainability and regenerative agriculture practices. These methods include its Farm Powered anaerobic digester, which aids in converting food and beverage waste along with farm manure into renewable energy, avoiding potentially dangerous greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. Established in December 2020, Vanguard launched the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance which works in conjunction with other leaders within the food industry, such as Dairy Farmers of America, Unilever, Starbucks, Cabot Creamery, and Stonyfield. This partnership aims to develop a solution for food waste reduction and recycling and decarbonization of food and beverage manufacturing and supply chains. In addition to the launch of its alliance, Vanguard is beginning an exciting national expansion that includes more than 100 new Farm Powered anaerobic digester projects, which aims to be in the top 20 U.S. markets by 2025. Furthermore, the company is planning to build an Organics Recycling Facility in each market to process packaged food and beverage waste alongside the new Farm Powered facilities. Furthermore, Vanguard has recently announced a partnership with a leading North American energy delivery company Enbridge, which will acquire upward of 2 billion cubic feet of renewable natural gas annually from the Farm Powered anaerobic digesters. John states, “By capturing methane and converting it into RNG, Enbridge and Vanguard expect to produce enough renewable energy to annually displace approximately 110,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, equivalent to removing nearly 25,000 fossil fuel-powered cars from the road.” Overall, this partnership aims to develop a nationwide solution for diminishing methane by deflecting food waste from landfills and incinerators toward its network of farm-based anaerobic digesters. Company Name: Vanguard Renewables Contact Name: Matthew Lillie Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]