Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 48 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Kaneryo Sea Vegetable Corp (Kaneryo) is Japan’s largest manufacturer and retailer of the popular sea vegetable, seaweed, with a quirky mission statement to produce and serve healthy and happy sea vegetables to people around the world. Having been in operation for more than 50 years, Kaneryo combines its years of expert knowledge, with skill and the utmost of care, in order to produce the very best in sea vegetation. Sea vegetable is shiny when freshly brought in for production, yet as this is an all-natural product, sometimes small sea creatures, stones, or shells are mixed with the sea vegetable. Since machines are unable to remove all of this foreign matter, it all must be done by well-trained, diligent human hands. “Our production line, one of the top producing lines in Japan, features cutting-edge production control methods and special equipment and machinery developed in-house,” explains Hidenori Akamatsu of Kaneryo. “Our sea vegetable professionals take care in their work and utilise special techniques to consistently provide delicious sea vegetable products to our customers.” This diligence and sense of responsibility in instilled in staff members from the offset to ensure that they understand the importance of their work and must not allow a single defective product to pass inspection. It instils a strong sense of responsibility in its staff who must understand the importance of their work to the consumer and must not allow a single defective product to pass inspection. “The work of the quality control staff covers a wide range of duties, from regular Sep21788 KANERYO Sea Vegetable CORP Sea Vegetable Specialists of the Year 2021 microorganism and physiochemical testing to sanitary supervision of production lines and the work environment,” Hidenori elaborates. “Nevertheless, the quality control department’s greatest and most fundamental mission is providing quality that exceeds the demands of our customers.” Kaneryo works jointly with equipment manufacturers to develop original machinery, automated storage, and facilities in and around its production lines by introducing cuttingedge technologies. It also focuses a lot of its energies on sanitary supervision and employs a traceability system for its products that covers production, manufacture, and distribution. “Our production system utilises our manpower and technological resources to the fullest extent, and this attitude of focusing on quality and excellence is what sets us apart from our competitors,” adds Hidenori. Due to the Covid-19 Kaneryo, like much of the food and drink industry, took a huge hit when the pandemic struck with many restaurants halting their orders due to being closed, however sea vegetables are known to boost immune strength, meaning Kaneryo’s products are getting plenty of attention from the general consumer. “With feature of very low in calories and high in fibre, sea vegetable is popular as healthy diet option. We offer a wide variety of products, from our ever-popular coloured sea vegetables to rare and hard-to-find sea vegetable delicacies. We are trying to make new values and make people healthy with sea vegetable.” Having recently been awarded the prestigious accolade of Sea Vegetable Specialists of the Year 2021 in the LUXlife Food and Drink Awards, the future is looking very bright for Kaneryo and Hidenori lets us in on a few developments which are in the pipeline. “We have recently established our local company in Los Angeles last year, so we wish to expand our activities all over the world. Also, we are planning to start selling “Sea Vegetable Vegan Ramen” next year. It can be eaten two-way, hot or cold, and we are confident that you will be satisfied!” Contact Details Contact: Hidenori Akamatsu Company: KANERYO Sea Vegetable CORP Web Address: Working hard to bring its customers the safest and most delicious sea vegetable products possible, Kaneryo Sea Vegetable Corp’s foundations are built around quality. We catch up with Hidenori Akamatsu to find out more about the firm.